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  • Arden - Thursday 09 May 2013 23:43
    Today, a llama followed my bus university.
    I saw a seagull yawn. Mind blown. SeagullsLIA
    i saw a girl with a squirrell on the leash.
    I found an easter egg during my's October. .
    is 10/10/10. I was born 10 years ago at 10:10 A.M.
    Today, I realized that on 11/22/33, I will turn 44.
    Today, I was on dearblankpleaseblank when I saw this:
    I was on the mall and saw some guy walking a balloon cat.
    Today, I saw an indication that said "Keep from the Dinosaurs!"
    I was eating a pack of gummy worms and discovered a gummy bear.
    On 11/11/11 at 11:11 I was around the turnpike at exit 11. Win.
    Today, I found that turtles can breathe through their butts.
    I saw a bit boy kneeing a cardboard cutout of Justin Bieber. .
    in gym class we had to run. I only tried when the teacher was watching.
    I realized that I dance ballet whenever I cook something in the microwave.
    Yesterday my gym teacher gave us nap time. I will have a new favorite teacher.
    Today, I was inside the band room within my high school. Someone threw a pancake at me.
    I in school I saw that for the carton of milk there is a warning: Contains Milk...
    Today, I discovered that web search bing actually stands for: Because Its Not Google.
    i was wanting to work out what hello was at sign language.... Then my good friend waved at me..
    Today, my boyfriend's phone rang. The ring tone was "Telephone" by Beyonce and Lady Gaga. .
    The other day inside the hallway, I smacked my good friend's butt, to find it wasn't my good friend.
    Everytime a telemarketer calls my dad answers with "City Morgue. you kill em, we chill em"
    At school yesterday someone pulled a hearth alarm. When everyone went outside it did start to rain
    Today, I realized that on my school's network Yahoo is blocked....Google isn't. It wins again.
    Today, I remarked that my expereince of living I are already saying "black window" instead of "black widow".
    my pal asked if I got a haircut. I replied "No, I left it within the wash to long also it shrunk."
    Today, I attended see if my birthday was on any cool holiday. Mine is on National Failures Day. Yay?
    I was texting also it told me my message sent at 9:10 and my clock said 9:09. ninja phone I think so.
    Today, I was showering. Not until I got out did I realize that I forgot to consider off my socks. .
    when I was doing my homework I went along to look for a pen. I have no idea why i looked within the fridge first..
    Today, I was reading, I look at my book, I'm on-page 234. I analyzed to see what time it had been, 2:34 P.M.
    I proceeded Mystery Seeker and asked 'What I my destiny?'. It said 'Procrastinate more'. I'm okay with that.
    I got a shower radio, and I was excited to use it. One the label it said"WARNING: DO NOT GET ITEM WET"
    Today, I saw a goat walking casually outside. It had a pink leash dragging behind it. I'm confused.
    Today, I learned that hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of long words. I'm extremely confused. .
    I missed riding on the bus for school and my Mom explained if I made her pancakes i really could stay home...I made the pancakes.
    Today, I put my vegetarian friend's name into Urban Dictionary. It came back as 'somebody who eats only meat.' .
    I looked at the label in my hair gel only to find this written onto it: "Tested on mean people, but never animals"
    I was on and I saw a post in spite of this "Dear English teacher who made a typo on the handout,
    Today, my aunt and I walked into Panda Express. I then remarked that we were tha only Asians in the entire restaurant.
    I was on DBPB and I see this: "Dear big puddle, Bring. It. On. Sincerely, child in your mind." I think this person is er.
    There's a facebook group called 'Trying to put on a t-shirt without messing up your hair'. My friend joined. He's bald.
    I unquestionably ipod shuffle game. I asked what song best describes my grandparents. The song "Dinosaur" by Ke$ha came on. .
    Today, I asked my pal what she thought about being for Halloween. Her response? An undercover agent zebra. I love my girlfriends.
    I walked in the bathroom reading in my iPod. I walked out one hour later attempting to remember what I had opted in there for.
    Today, I achieved my well being goal. I ran out of shampoo and conditioner with the same time. I feel like playing is now complete.
    Today, I found a tub of bacon inside fridge with my name about it. I'm still confused regarding how it got there and who it's from.
    Today, the fireplace alarm went off in school and there were to stay outside for at least 30 minutes. Apparently, a toilet caught fire.
    Today, I remarked that the feminine form of the word "explorer" in Spanish is "exploradora." Dora. The. Explorer. I'm a genius.
    I search 'Sirius Black' on howmanyofme and there is ONE person inside US achievable name. Finding him is currently #1 on my Bucket List.
    Today, while driving about, I saw a white Volkswagen beetle which has a black mustache painted around the hood. It taught me to be smile.
    At the start of of school music always plays inside hallways. What played today? An instrumental through the Deathly Hallows. .
    Today, my mom bought me markers that let you color on food. I attemptedto color my waffle. Needless to convey, my waffle is blue now.
    I researched 101 ways to annoy Voldemort. I skipped all the way to the final one and what achieved it say? "Be Harry Potter. Be alive." .
    I just spent manufactured being chased by the red-headed 6 year old using a lightsaber. I haven't had close to this much fun in a very long time.
    I was relaxing in Mcdonalds waiting for my pals to finish their exams and "All By Myself" started playing. I laughed to myself.
    Last night, I had a dream that I was developing a wizarding duel. If that wasn't cool enough, it turned out with Ellen Degeneres. And Hagrid.
    I researched weird laws inside state I are now living in. I found out it is illegal to touch someone's bellybutton without them knowing it.
    Today, in chemistry, my teacher compared oxidation and reduction (that are complete opposites) to Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort.
    I just finished studying China. Instead of watching some ancient movie, my teacher thought we would let us watch Mulan. BEST TEACHER EVER. .
    I saw a young child, maybe 6 or 7, run up to a girl wearing a "Team Edward" shirt and shout "AVADA KEDAVRA!" I have expect this young one.
    The other day, I got my class schedule. My new English teacher's name is Mrs. Spain and my new Spanish teacher's name is Mr. England.
    Today, I realized I sleep with my pillow pet and happy napper on opposite sides of my bed because I'm afraid they will get in to a fight.
    Tonight I was siting in the library in the university I go to....when i see a man walking around in a bear costume giving people hugs.
    Today, I was at Macy's and I stepped on someone's foot. I turned around and said, "oh, Im so sorry!!" Then I realized it had been a mannequin.
    Today, i discovered that my birthday (December 17th) is National Syrup Day. I do not think i've ever been so excited as a birthday present come.
    my favourite aunt trashed her boyfriend (who I don't like quite definitely) as they was a "muggle" who had yahoo as his homepage. HerLIA.
    Today, I discovered that my english teacher includes a Facebook page. She is hot for one thing and a very important factor only: fist pumping being a champ. .
    Today, I got certified in CPR. On my CPR card it says "Caution: Altering this card will alter its appearance." Thanks for clearing that up.
    Today, for free clothes day in school (We have a uniform), a girl chose to dress in full Time Lord Robes in the TV show, Doctor Who. HLIA.
    I was at the job interview plus they asked me what my weakness was. I thought about this and after having a minute replied: "Kryptonite."I start Monday. .
    Today, I learned that there is a local store called Build-A-Dino that's a branch of Build-A-Bear. There are two. One in Kansas then one in Florida. .
    I realised that nicknames for my close friends are Aslan, Tin Man, Bean and Foi-boi. People get very confused whenever they look through my phone. .
    I was cooking something inside microwave. It began to pop, so I freaked out and stopped the microwave. Then I realized I was cooking popcorn.
    I checked my account. It says I are already on I year and twelve months. This is true but would it not be easier, plus much more average, to state 2 years? .
    I pointed out that my jar of peanut butter and my jar of jelly have the same expiration date. I feel similar to this is some form of twisted love story. .
    Today, I had not even attempt to do, so I made a decision to play the iPod shuffle game. I asked, "What should I do now?" The answer? "Why Don't You Get a Job."
    Today, I was eating a dish of soft ice cream. What makes this so average you may well ask? I blew in my first bite so that it was not too hot before I ate it. .
    I have been sceptical of stories. Today, I came where you can find a trashcan hanging from my tree. I have no clue the way it got there. MLIfinallyA
    on my small way to class I saw a guy jogging across town, which may be normal if he wasn't juggling as well. He didn't drop a single ball. HisLIA.
    I was on but happened to be board to do normal names. I thought we would search Harry Potter. The results-103 individuals have that name. SO JEALOUS.
    at college, we had been having a people auction. It was for Valentine's day, and I decided to try it out. I am officially worth $5. This made my day. .
    I remarked that I always go lower the stairs beginning with my right foot. Curious, I decided to try my left. I found themselves falling and breaking my arm.
    I saw a youngster riding around the supermarket with s spiderman mask on attempting to pull the food over shelves with his webs. That kids going places.
    I started humming the catdog theme song, dad then proceeded to put the song on his phone and started singing along. Best dad ever? I think so.
    I couldn't get to sleep, so I looked up "how to get to sleep" on wikihow. One with the requirements would have been a stuffed animal. It wasn't optional. I agreed.
    This morning when I woke up, my first thought was, "My llama really needs shaving!" I really wish I could remember what I dreamed about last night.
    A couple weeks ago, my buddies dared me to sing the chorus of "Call me Maybe" to some random hot guy, then provide him with my number. I did. Now, we have been dating...
    Today, we had a sub for math. My companion and I switched names collectively and the full class went along with it. The sub never had any idea.
    during swim practice, we were swimming backstroke. The girl in the lane beside me was going the other way. We unintentionally high fived underwater.
    a saw a scottish man juggling three balls while riding a unicycle down a lively street. I almost crashed to the car looking at me trying to video this.
    Today, my mom started repeatedly high-fiving me. When I asked her why, she told me she was pretending my hand was some of those inflatable punching bags.
    Today, I was looking up dumb laws. Apparently it can be illegal to push a living moose from a moving airplane. Darn, there go my plans for next Wednesday.
    Today, my cousin left for college. His final request was that I put a pirate hat as well as an eyepatch on our dog and send a picture of it to him. I achieved it. .
    (actually yesterday), I was at the restaurant, & spent 15 minutes correcting spelling & grammar mistakes on my own menu. My friends in the table applauded me.
    I looked up holidays on my birthday. Some of them are Hug a Newsman Day, Walk Around Things Day, and Tell a Lie Day. I think I'll have fun in my birthday.
    my 13 years old sister comes running into my room screaming, "I CAN HEAR THROUGH MY EAR!" Congratulations little sis, I'm glad you figured this out. HerLIA
    Today, my buddy and I had chinese. When we opened our fourtune cookies both of them said, "You could have something that is similar to someone near to you." OLAA
    My sister was telling me that since I'm the seventh child, I'm 'perfection' since seven will be the perfect number. My first reaction: I'm a wizard! We high fived.
    Today, I learned that my birthday is around the same day as walk your pants day and walk your house plant day. Looks like I'm going to have an enjoyable walk :)
    While I was on Google I searched marshmallows are.. inside the suggestion part it said, "marshmallows are ghost turds" I am no longer calling them marshmallows. .
    I decided to join the Google vs Yahoo challenge. I wrote 'Cats include the....' Google said 'Cats will be the chocolate chips inside the cookie of life.' I went no further.
    Early today, it absolutely was extremely cold outside and raining. Guess who spent their day with the mall because than it? Not me. I was on Google Maps running around japan. .
    Today, nothing incredibly awesome happened in my opinion. But I only tripped inside the stairs twice and I remembered to put on pants. I think this day would have been a rousing success.
    my science teacher really was upset. When we asked him why, he said someone crushed his ping pong ball. He proceeded to show us the little crushed ping pong ball. .
    I was playing the iPod Shuffle game. I thought it will be funny to inquire about my iPod "Who am I?" It's response? Barbra Streisand. I now feel a great deal better about myself.
    I was eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast this morning. I had finally finished the puzzle on the back with the box when I pointed out that my bus had left an hour or so ago
    Today, my good friend and I realized that May 2nd is officially declared International Harry Potter day. We're being fashionable for the event and bringing wands to college. OLAA
    Today, me and my girlfriends were bummed about not fitting into any school clique. We aren't jocks, popular, nerds, emo, quiet etc. Then I realized. We're average. , really.
    I was looking through old yearbooks from my school and stumbled on the procrastination club. The article said, "to get handed in in the future." Go graduating class of '79.
    Last year, I was walking throught the mall, and saw 2 big biker men walk into Clair's to obtain their ears periced. They couldnt even fit inside chairs. M(And their)LIA.
    Today, I walk into school to find my principle dolled up as Dumbledore waving his wand around. I think you know who's joining Dumbledore's army. I LOVE MY SCHOOL. :)
    Today, it absolutely was Halloween. Instead of presenting candy inside my door being a normal person, I sat inside tree outside my entry way and threw it at people after they passed by.
    I proceeded Google and saw that you simply could play in the guiter. I figured out that if you press "D-D-D-A-G-D-A-G-D-J-J-J-K-G-D-A-G-D"that it take part in the "Imperial March" from Star Wars.
    Today, me and my buddy were bored and decided to find some crazy laws. In Pacific Grove, CA you will be fined $500 in the event you molest butterflies. I'm in the same way confused as you are.
    Yesterday, my boyfriend and I were travelling on Arabia Mountain, when we came across the phrase YOLO spelled in rocks. Deciding that was pretty lame, we changed it to YODA.
    Today, I was driving and began to sneeze quite a bit. I guess it should have appeared as if I was headbanging because when I analyzed the guy alongside me did the rock on thing. .
    Today, I searched my name on I noticed it said "99.9 percent of individuals with this name are female." I now feel sorry for those 0.1 % of guys named Karen.
    while you're watching Harry Potter, i remembered i previously had nightmares where i'd be chased around the house by Severus Snape, but as an alternative to him by using a wand, it had been a salami.
    I saw the Facebook group "When I was younger I used to place my face near the fan only to hear my robot voice." I realised that not only was that true, but I still achieved it. .
    in an amusment park someone told the attendent he was awesome, his reply was "everyone who works here is awesome, you must graduate from hogwarts to work here" His and My LIA
    my mother told me that I never planned to throw anything out when I was little because I thought it will hurt the objects feelings which they would be lonely inside the garbage.
    I a very tough workout. When I told my buddies my legs felt like jelly, one thing I was asked was "grape or strawberry?" I knew I was friends using them for an excuse. :)
    Today, it was the anniversary of bubble wrap. My local tv station talked over it for 10 minutes, then told us their favorite approaches to pop it. I now have faith in our generation.
    Today, I was at a friend's house. We both got bowls of frozen goodies but there is only one spoon. So I took her chopsticks and finished the entire bowl together. I feel accomplished.
    I tried the highly sought after Google vs Yahoo war. I typed "zombies are" Yahoo came up with "zombies are real" Google said "zombies are crap at knitting" The winner is clear my buddies.
    Today, during lunch in class there was a youngster dressed in the full spider man costume offering suckers. No one knows who this kid is, but I hope he does things like this more often.
    Today, I discovered that my cat is terrified of finger-guns. Not the loud gun noises that I invariably make mind you, it is the literal gesturing of ones fingers in to the shape of the gun.
    Today, I couldn't look for a pen so I asked my father. He replied "Check the fridge, I always keep pen's inside fridge." Thinking he was joking I looked within the fridge.There was a pen there.
    Today, the house got forked. My family and I came home with a yard filled with forks stuck in the ground along with a giant fork drawn for the driveway. I haven't ever been more excited during my life.
    Today, my sister purchased a glow within the dark ninja t-shirt as being a birthday present. She tried searching for it once we got home, but she couldn't think it is. Well played ninjas. Well played...
    Today, while I was reading fun facts about my country, Canada, I read that year we're making glow-in-the-dark dinosaur quarters inside our mint. Never have I been a prouder Canadian! .
    To the person nevertheless they didn't throw things out when they were little for nervous about hurting their feelings - I am 25. I still refuse to let my husband throw out my stuffed animals. .
    Today, I was on the bus and looked up with the mirror and saw someone considering me. We had cardiovascular staring match approximately 5 minutes before I realized I was looking inside my reflection. .
    The other day I asked my mom what I was like as a youngster. She said that as opposed to wanting to be a fireplace fighter or a vet when I was raised, I wanted to be a Swedish Fish. High five, kid me.
    Today, I was eating lunch with my buddy. She grabbed my cashews, and I screamend "Let go of my nuts!" at thetop of my lungs. The whole cafeteriea turned to stare. She rid yourself of my nuts.
    So... 12:00am I hear a strange/loud noise emitting from my mother's bedroom. I walk in and ask what was going on? My answer, she was blow drying her bedding because they were cold. -_-
    my boyfriend broke up with me so my cousin who's 6 asked about what was wrong i told him ten mins later he went back with ice cream and a baseball bat and asked me who he's to kill
    Today, I realized the I can really correspond with the chorus of "I start to see the light" from Tangled. No, not because I'm in love but because I recently got glasses and I can finally see everything.
    i noticed nothing average was happening i really taped a sheet of paper to my stomatch in spite of this "average" and another that said"meh" i obtained 3 mehs and 27 averages with 6 high fives and 3 hugs.
    Today, I renamed my iPod to "The Black Pearl Again." Why? So that in the event it syncs, it says 'Syncing The Black Pearl Again.' Something tells me that Captain Jack Sparrow will never be pleased. .
    Today, I read every page on When I reached pg. 319, I tried to look if there was a page 320 but it said: You've go out... Welcome to the "You Have No Life" Club...
    i realized that my grandpa chains a walker using a seat into it to the back of his scooter and pulls my grandma around the retirement complex from it. i hope i am that cool after i get old. .
    (well, yesterday), I fell and hit my forehead over a metal bench with the park. I got a scar right beneath my jet black hair. People happen to be calling me Harry Potter all day. I regret nothing.
    Today, I made a decision to try the Google vs. Yahoo war. In both, I typed "what's a boyfriend". Google said "what's a boyfriend and where can I download one." I suddenly didn't care what Yahoo said. .
    on DBPB I read: "Dear cop, No, really I'm not drunk. Sincerely, I'm just trying to walk like Jack Sparrow." Without hesitation, I yelled "That's CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow!" at my computer.
    I've decided that after I mature I'm going to have a punchbuggy, paint red and white stripes around it, put 'WALDO' for the license plate and see's who finds it first. New life goal, at that time.
    Last night i awoke and opened my eyes. All i really could see was this blank white. I thought that i went blind so i began to freak out... i quickly rolled over and realized i became staring on the wall
    Today, my family got a whole new chair for living room. While everybody was marveling over the new comfy chair, I was jumping up and down deciding what I was going to do with the big box it started in.
    Today, January 30, was National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. My friends and I celebrated by wrapping everything in your homeroom in bubble wrap before school started. My teacher's face? PRICELESS.
    I was listening to my iPod for the bus. I was quietly singing "Wannabe" by Spice Girls. My ear bud came out and also the whole bus was singing along for the song. Turns out I wasn't singing very quietly.
    at 1a.m my buddies and I wanted pizza and Shamrock shakes from McDonalds, we managed to to convince the Domino's delivery guy to select us up some shakes on his way and he explained Sure. Ours&Domino'sLIA
    Today, my family and I were with an outdoor concert and someone brought bubbles to the children to experience with . My grandma and her friend had more pleasurable with the bubbles as opposed to 5 year olds. Their LAA
    Today, the secretary inside my school paged the principal over the intercom to attend sophomore hallway. At the final she added "hurry, there is a fight taking place". Half the college got there before he did.
    Today, my cousin (12 years) was running around the house pretending to be described as a plane when he crashed landed on top of the couch. He sat up and rubbed his head and mumbled, "Owwwww, imagination hurts!"
    in the store, I saw an incredibly big scary looking guy. I was getting really creeped out until his phone went off and he starts singing the lyrics to his ringtone. It was Miley Cyrus's Party inside USA.
    my teacher dropped a chocolate muffin. He then got another muffin and placed them with a plate in the hallway by a sign that said "One of those muffins DIDN'T fall for the floor. Take should you dare.” HLIA
    Today, I moved into a brand new dorm room. My new room-mate's fish is termed Bellatrix, and mine is called Sirius. I am now concerned to the life of my fish, but I think my roomie and I will be good friends.
    Today, I read an account that talked about someone saying no thank you me gusta la Justin Bieber and being correct that it really is el since it's masculine. They got it right in the beginning since Justin Bieber isn't masculine
    Sr year of high school graduation me and some friends distributed huge bags of dodge balls to your fellow students and then proceeded to achieve the largest ever dodge ball match during passing time at school. OurLIA
    Last night, I woke up to my little brother lying together with me. I asked him why he was sleeping on me. He explained I was along with one of his Pokemon cards, and while attempting to get it back, he got tired.
    i acquired banned from drawing harry potter faces on eggs. Not because id droped one or two eggs ,because my mum was getting sick and tired of me yelling "DONT KILL HARRYY!!!!!!!!!!!" everytime she went along to use and egg.
    Today, I read that Justin Bieber's Vanity Fair cover issue will probably be rated one in the worst sellers for that company in 2010. My faith has been restored. I do believe therefore we have won entirely OLAA.
    I was on the school bus with my good friend when some guy pulled up next to our bus. All of an sudden, he began to move away in a short time. When I looked out your window, I realized that he was riding a unicycle.
    Today, I continued Mystery Seeker and typed "What is my mission?" I got "Your mission would be to carry a purple elephant with you everywhere and tell anyone who asks that it's the source of one's ninja skills." .
    I was playing the iPod shuffle game. I asked it "How I will die?" It started playing 'Running From Lions' by All Time Low. I'm kind of scared, but I also feel as if that would be a pretty cool approach to die.
    Today, my boyfriend was down the street from me, so I began pulling him back with the "invisible rope". Some guy walking past stopped, checked out both folks, ducked beneath the rope and continued his way. OLAA
    Today, I was taking my dog for the walk across the cemetery. Suddenly I saw a gravestone with all the name Potter on it. Naturally I went along to go have a look at it. Guess what are the persons first name was? Harry. I cried.
    My 6 yr old brother was put in charge of the class when the teacher stepped out, when she went back all the youngsters were crying. Why? He stood on his chair and exclaimed to everyone that, "Santa is not real!"
    in math we had arrived discussing the fairest method to share no problem among two children. My classmate said "get yourself a ruler" and my first thought was so they can use rulers to sword fight over who contains the cake.
    Today, when the teacher asked us what number of us still go ringing doorbells for treats, I was the only one who raised my hand. I promised myself I would go ringing doorbells for candies until my senior year right then and there. .
    Today, my friend walked into my room while I was watching Harry Potter along with the Deathly Hallows. He walked in right on the part where Dobby gets killed. He asked about why I wasn't crying. Such a bright future.
    Today, I saw a car who have been dented from a car accident. However, had they not spent money to fix the car--they the bottomline is gigantic band-aid stickers on top of it. Car, I officially claim you average.
    I was driving my younger brother to McDonald's to get a Big Mac. As a joke, I put a bumper sticker in my back car window that said "Honk if you regret being married". I can't inform you how many people honked.
    I was looking for a picture to put on the presentation, so I searched the saying 'friends' within the clip art finder on Microsoft Powerpoint. For some reason about half with the pictures it described were of plungers.
    Today, me and my 6 yr old brother went for a walk. And from nowhere, he pretends he's holding a sword so that as he's about to stab me, I retrieve my invisible sword and that we have a battle for about an hour or so. OLAA
    Today, I dueled a staff member of Hot Topic for the very last Harry Potter snuggie, using the wands on display. Not only did I win, but I got a relationship proposal beyond it with the employee I defeated. Life = complete. .
    Tody I went to a fancy restaurant which has a pianist and everything. We were seated in te back corner and in the corner there would have been a lifesized cardboard cutout of C3PO and R2D2. I knew we chose the right restaurant. .
    A day or two ago, I was texting my pal. Because i became not attending to, i almost walked into a tree, but because of my "cat like reflexes" i turned just in time to walk straight into a sign. I felt smooth.
    Yesterday, I took a shower and accidentally used the body wash as shampoo. Once I realized what I did, I said to myself, "Ooops, I won't accomplish that again." What did I precede to perform? Use the shampoo as body wash.
    Today, recently, I waved at a complete stranger for no particular reason in Copenhagen. We talked - a great deal - and I learnt that he lives only 10 miles from me. We celebrate our six month anniversary in three days. OLAA.
    Today, my Creative Writing teacher told us he calls the the existing Creative Writing teacher "Lord Spicermort", and banned us from ever saying his name at school. He has become dubbed "the teacher who shall not named."
    Today, my 89-yr old Grandpa came over for supper. He excused himself to make use of the washroom, then when he didn't return after ten minutes I went along to see if he was alright. I found him inside my room, eating my chapstick. .
    Today, reading so many stories about people asking their Ipods the way they are likely to die, I decided to try it out. The song it created? Save You Tonight. Apparently I will die a hero. I'm ok your. .
    I went to a concert with my good friend. In the middle of the concert they started singing the "Time Warp". There in the corner doing the Time Warp was a man dressed up Waldo. It was one of the most epic thing inside concert.
    Today, my friend and I went down for the park for an epic water gun, lightsaber and Nerf sword battle. Not only did we have an epic battle, some with the neighborhood kids reduced, and joined us within our epic battle.
    A couple in years past, our kids and I went college searching for my sister. At one college, people in banana suits showed up to us and asked totally free hugs, therefore we all hugged them. Guess where my sister goes to school now?
    my sister and I were in Bed, Bath, and Beyond playing using the Pillow Pets. A little boy we did not know walked around us together an in depth conversation about Pillow Pets. I hope he contains the koala he wants. HandOLAA
    Today, I wondered why people never put a period with the end of "", since "" is technically a sentence, and many of us are fairly grammar Nazi. I then pointed out that the period must be a ninja, and felt satisfied.
    Today, I am helping out my college for an open evening. We had to give out goodie bags. I handed one to some tall goth lad as well as the next thing I heard was his squeel of excitement in the lolly within the bag. M(ahd his)LIA.
    Last fall, I took a higher literature class. It was an unbiased study with my teacher. I asked her what my final exam will be. I visited her house and baked a lemon cake together with her. Got an A. Best. Teacher. Ever.
    Today, I was walking into school late so I was the only one inside the hallway. Suddenly, I hear the Pirates in the Caribbean theme song coming through the band room. I walked to my class feeling like Captain Jack Sparrow.
    I saw a male at least 60 years of age expertly riding a shopping cart across a parking area. In front in the automatic doors, he got off and acted like nothing happened. My faith has been restored inside older generation.
    Today, we went for the computers during class. I proceeded , and my teacher walked behind me and saw the webpage. She failed to wink, nod, deliver a fist bump or extra credit. Instead, she yelled at me to be off task.
    or yesterday, I couldn't sleep therefore i was reading a good book and lost an eye on time. A few hours later I was freaked out with the strange light coming through my window. it took me twenty minutes to realize it was the sun.
    Today, I did a play, Seussical Jr., and after that I visited Friendly's and sang all with the songs with the whole cast while shoveling our face full of soft ice cream. The people there was without the heart to prevent us. OurLIA :)
    Today, I ran away from juice in among my CapiSuns so I went and got another. I then got the idea to place two straws into one hole, it so worked. It was not doubly delicious, but I was able to drink it twice as quickly.
    at the job, two kids came through the drive thru window "driving" a cardboard cut-out car with YOLO writen for the side. They ordered milkshakes and let's take their pictures. This is deffinitly going on my bucket list. .
    Today, when I was in the movies these folks were having technical difficulties & the movie wouldn't start. The screen was black approximately five minutes. During those a few minutes the whole theater broke out into Jingle Bells.
    Today, i was sending images message on my own phone. I pointed out that whereas a standard message only will contain 60 characters, an image message will contain 1000. i suppose a photo is actually worth a thousand words.
    Today, I was with a karate demonstration then when someone asked why we started karate my good friend, who is a major tough guy said, "well when I started I thought about being a power ranger and I feel I have accomplished my goal". .
    I was on the plane to New York to check out my aunt. My younger sister, beside me, was playing the iPod Shuffle game, and she screamed when she saw what are the iPod gave her. She asked how she'll die. She got "Crashed". HLIA
    Today, I went along to meet my new teachers in school. When I went to meet my spanish teacher he was wearing blue striped pants, a checkered shirt, a bow tie, and was holding a pickle club. I think this will be described as a good year.
    The other day I was inside bathroom in class, when I noticed someone wrote for the wall "Flush twice for your ministry of magic". I told my sister the actual way it made my day day and she said that they wrote that. Best sister EVER!
    I was standing in line with a cafe and saw an old couple sitting together. Between them was a coffee cake. They then started playing rock paper scissors for the last bite. Good to find out those things don't fade with senior years.
    I made a decision to participate in the Google vs Yahoo war. I typed in "I hate it when..." into both. Yahoo provided "I hate it when that happens." Google set it up "I hate it each time a chinchilla eats the universe." Clear winner? Duh.
    Today, late at night, when everyone was asleep, I did my usual secretive action. I made sure individuals were alsleep without a doubt before stealing the laptop away into my room. My guilty pleasure? Club Penguin, where I am a ninja. .
    I made a decision to join the Google vs. Yahoo war. I typed "dinosaurs are..." into each. Yahoo's response? "Dinosaurs are extinct." Google's response? "Dinosaurs are Jesus ponies." I love you Google. Yahoo should just give up. MILA.
    The other day I was in the kitchen when my father said "guess what happens I got off of the internet!", I guessed an international mail-order bride. He said "no, well not that you know of." He actually just got a recipe for butterscotch pudding.
    while within an Italian restaurant over a American/Dutch cruise ship, the waiter noticed my loved ones and I were Australian. He promptly started singing "G'day G'day" by Slim Dusty. His accent was pretty damn perfect. He's Indonesian.
    Today, I keyed in mystery seeker "find waldo, destroy him, and send a photo of what in college to this number" and wrote my number. quarter-hour later, i got an image of a guy throwing a poster with waldo into it into a bonfire. .
    I was at the job (I work with a daycare) and there were a clown come in to do a show. He asked a boy just what the magic word was and instead of saying abracadabra...He said Avada Kedavra! Needless to express...I've found a whole new best friend. HLIA
    Today, i decided to take part inside the Google vs Yahoo war. I entered "Chuck norris is", yahoo provided "Chuck Norris is indeed tough". Google gave me "Chuck Norris could be the reason why Waldo is hiding." Needless to state, Google won :) .
    Today,I looked over the photos on my own iPod Touch. I don't know if I should be amazed with the fact that I have more pictures of my cat sleeping than other things or the truth that she has a lot of interesting sleeping positions.
    me an my friends were at our old elementary school and now we started walking towards this creek. We decided to freak out the tiny kids and their parents, therefore we ran with the field screaming "FOR NARNIA!" and ran in the trees.
    Today, me and my mom were walking from McDonald's this also woman, holding her wrist, asked us to hold the door on her. We did, and he or she thanked us, saying, "I'm in my way on the hospital, but I require a milkshake." Priorities. .
    I chose to join in about the google vs yahoo war. I first went along to google and keyed in some random phrase, depending on usual. I be able to yahoo and an image of Justin beiber pops up about the front page. I didnt even bother. You lose yahoo.
    A couple of days ago at school, my teacher was inside middle of his lecture when he talked about a question. Instead of answering I yelled "HEY LOOK A DISTRACTION!" and pointed towards the doorway. He, and lots of students, all looked. .
    I stood a dentist appointment, as well as a nature movie about oceans was playing inside waiting room. They showed a variety of fish caught inside a net. I had watched Finding Nemo the day before, so I started chanting "SWIM DOWN!" inside my head. .
    my neighbor came over and asked if she and her brother could borrow my fifth Harry Potter book. Once entering my room and browsing my books I realized I couldn't lend it to her without having to question "Do you need paper or hardback?"
    Today, while going through lists of things to perform while your bored, I saw something that said "Apply for a unicorn questing license here," so naturally, I clicked onto it. I would like to state that I am now the state run unicorn hunter :D
    I was playing tennis with my sister. We got bored in the same old game and so thought we would mix it up a bit. Instead of using the net to hit the ball over we played by punching the ball over and returning to each other within the house. OLAA.
    Today, during class, we'd a substitute named Ms. Warner, (it really turns out that she's related on the Warner Brothers) who totally iPod Shuffle game during class. She asked how she will die. What did she get? "Sandwich". HLIA
    Today, on the bowling alley, my best ally and I got the lane alongside some rather cute, nerdy guys. One of these yelled out "Leroyyyyyyy Jenkiiiinnnns!" And created a strike. I yelled out "FOR NARNIA! HUZZAH!" and developed a strike at the same time. .
    Today, I found out what our Homecoming theme is for this coming year. Pixar movies. And do you know what we sophomores have? Up. And as though that wasn't cool enough, the freshmen have Finding Nemo. I'm really excited for the Homecoming parade. Go OHS.
    I wish to dedicate this post to a friend who was simply also an excellent fan of and each of the things mentioned on like goldfish and Harry Potter. You fought an incredible battle against cancer Mandy, and you may be missed forever. Her Life Was Average.

    I read, "Today, I read "Voldemort and Osama Bin Laden both died around the same day. Coincidence? I think not. " Well, er, so did Hitler." The first episode of spongebob squarepants was aired that day too. Oh yeah, also it's my birthday.
    Yesterday, I wanted to view how many people I could reach high five me a single school day. I kept track on my own hand by making tally marks using a green pen. I been able to high five 100 people in a single day. I've never felt more accomplished.
    Today, while performing in a very talent show, I decided to sing a Japanese song. When I was finished, everyone applauded and my pal asked when I learned Japanese. I don't have any idea Japanese, I was just singing what the words sounded like.
    Today, I saw this post on DBPB: "Dear "bring a quiet reading book to class",, Umm, aren't all books quiet? Sincerely, I've never read the sunday paper that yelled at me as I make out the print..." Clearly this person has never been to the library in Hogwarts.
    A couple days ago I went along to cafe rio with my good friend. When we sat down, she asked about where her fork was. I looked over to view her fork inside lid of her drink as opposed to a straw. She didn't notice until she took a sip. her every day life is average.

    Today, when I was driving to be effective, I analyzed and saw a cloud shaped exactly like an elephant: trunk, ears, and all. I was so distracted I nearly rear-ended the car looking at me when I tried to consider a picture of the cloud in my phone. .
    My dad just ninja rolled into the room and pretended to shoot me by having an invisible shotgun. For another 10 minutes there was an invisible weapons fight involving invisible bombs, grenades, machine guns, and oddly, shuriken. OurLIA
    I read online that to try a dog's intelligence you must cover it with a blanket to see how long it requires for them to have it off. I thought I'd test that with my dog. She sat there for around 10 secs before laying down and going to rest.
    Today, me and my pal were singing the Mario Theme song loudly inside the hallway then some random guy jumped out of the bathroom and joined us. We sang your entire song, high-fived eachother, then went on with our day like nothing happened.
    during the last day of faculty, me and my pals cried once we realized we wouldn't see our teacher again, because it turned out her recently there. Then when i was walking home, she did a drive-by at us..with a Nerf gun. Best memory ever.
    Today, I was going for the gym, and for the way I saw these kids running home from your neighborhood pool, they both had their towel over their heads and so they were running while making super hero sounds. I have faith in future generations.
    I was fighting with mysteryseeker, it refused to provide me my mission, and every time I asked, it replied mission please?, so I lost the battle and wrote down please, finally it gave my mission, now I am going to the grocery store to hug some bananas.
    Today, i decided to try the Yahoo! vs. Google challenge. I typed "I hate it once you" and Google provided: I hate it if you walk outside and someone throws a cow at you... Yahoo! set it up: I hate it once you leave... Google wins. Hands down.
    Today, I was getting changed in my room and noticed my fish were inside the front of the take. Joking around I said "Stop watching me change!" They swam behind some rocks inside back of their tank. From now on I will likely be changing inside bathroom.
    my gym class had to operate a mile for finals. Just as my coach, Coach Donaldson, blew his whistle I yelled "FOR NARNIA" as everyone began running. It set it up a magical feeling, and I ran faster than any other time. I took 1st during my class.
    Today, I saw this DBPB post: Dear British children, Do you elect a class king instead of a class president?, Sincerely, Curious.Unfortunately, we have neither class presidents nor class kings. But our school carries a head boy called Percy. HLIA.
    Today, I was inside my friend's house and her sister asked me what I want to be when I grow up. I told her an engineer and asked her what she wanted to be. First she said a unicorn, then she changed it to a Chinese person. She's eight. HLIA.
    my mom told me that when I was 4 we went swimming with the sting rays. I wouldn't use but she did and they also all swam approximately her. She started screaming and apparently I told everyone I didn't know that crazy lady. Little me was awesome! MLWasA
    I read a about someone asking if two teams of identical twins dating, would their kids match. Being an identical twin, their kids would genetically be siblings because each group of twins have the same DNA. I want my sister and I thus far twins.
    Today, I went to a store towards the toy section with a friend and that we saw lightsabers. So like natural mature adults, we both picked one up, and staged a saber fight, ending when camping 'dying' dramatically and an employee seeing if I was okay. .
    I thought we would play a school-wide game of telephone. I started off saying "I like it when someone random makes my day". Near the end of the day it got back in my opinion. They said "I like it when unicorns tickle me" How it got to that, I have no idea.
    So while on the bookstore, I was taking a look at all the calendars. Being a boy, when I saw the playboy one, I naturally picked up the lord from the rings calendar beside it. I didn't even spot the women, all I saw was an illustrated hobbit.
    Last night I was texting my friend and I was for the verge of sleep. As I look back inside my texts this morning I realize I told him a story about a Tarantula cheating on the test, understanding that same tarantula helping a clown inflatable a Glitter factory.
    Today, the entranceway from my math class to social studies was jammed. Finally, some kid broke through it, but also fell hard towards the ground. He awoke all nonchalant and simply said, "Howdy" and walked back into his room. New closest friend? Just maybe...
    Today, when my mom got mad inside my brother, she yelled Benjamin John! (his first name and middle name). To this he replied, "Who the heck is John???" For 12 years, my cousin thought that his first name was Ben and his middle name was "jamin." HLIA
    Today, inside the middle of class, i needed to sneeze. I concentrated and lastly said "pika" before i sneezed. Once I did, I got really excited and started celebrating, shopping around to check if anyone else noticed. They didn't. I got weird looks.
    I was running around my school when it started to rain. Looking Up in the still sunny sky I search for any rainbow. In frustration I cried out "where is the fricken rainbow?!?" a upperclassman that's walking by me handed me a bag of skittles. Mila
    at lunch, I started packing my stuff up without looking in the clock. One of my friends asked me what I was doing and I told him the bell was planning to ring. He said exactly what are you a wizard? Then the bell rang. I am expecting my letter everyday now. .
    My parents came home with Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. They said it absolutely was for "family movie night", which meant I couldn't head out. What did I do? I exclaimed to watch the movies in the different order. They are so confused. Payback is good. .
    Last winter, I got an entire body red panda suit. My roommate refused to take me to walmart unless I was using it. The looks around the faces of the people at walmart as a giant red panda rooted through stuff? Priceless. I can't wait until winter again!
    Today, I looked the window and saw my dad walking the dog down our street. Except he wasn't walking, he was riding a unicycle. My first thought was, "We don't own a unicycle." My second thought was, "We don't own a dog." So many questions.
    I fell asleep at school,my teacher hit my arm and my head fell around the desk, so when i explored he said "...and thats what sort of dinosaur ganged up with the unicorn to defeat the evil Yahoo monster." I almost cried when I thought I missed that lesson.
    at work, I told to my coworker if you say "raise up lights" fast, it sounds like "razor blades" in Australian. We then proceeded to express "raise up lights" back and forth to one another for like a few minutes, laughing the entire time. OurLAA.
    I was on DBPB and saw a post in spite of this, "Dear bad side, WE have the very best cookies. Sincerely,the lady scouts."I would definitely click "Hilarious" considering I am a female scout.When I went along to click it, it had been at 355.That's my troop number.I left it alone.

    Today, I was walking around the hall and I was held up by someone who was simply walking with a beat, almost dancing. It was my principal. When I walked up next to him I realized he was singing, "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas". It's February 21st.
    during my communication class, whilst the teacher was out inside hallway and we had been supposed to be watching example speeches, two in the guys inside class started a lightsaber battle while using star wars aps on his or her phones, complete with sound effects. TLAA
    Today, after learning about the Google/Yahoo war I thought we would try it myself. I typed "why do I" into google and yahoo, and yahoo invented "why should i feel sad", but google created "why do i have to have a teacher while i have google?". Google = Winning. .
    while I was in school, we has some free time to spend outside. We accidentally uncovered a metal trap door that was in the ground. We opened it, and there was obviously a slight drop, nevertheless, you couldn't tell the thing that was down there. My school includes a secret passage.

    Today, while with the bookstore, just a little boy about 6 walked in together with his father. He immediately asked where he can find the Harry Potter books. I proudly showed him, and we talked about how precisely awesome HP is. I told his dad he was raising his boy right.
    The other day I was bored so I was acting as being a dinosaur, then away from no where my mom came running out of her room while yelling "RAWR!" whipped me together with her leg and ran off saying "I just took you down with my tail of strength! GRR!" I love my Mom.
    When I was five, my Grandfather dared me to discover someone famous that they is like. I had forgotton over it until I looked over his hand a couple of days ago. When he would have been a teenager, he got part of his finer cut off by accident. Brainburst: he's like Wormtail. .
    I washed several t-shirts that we had just bought which in fact had different sayings to them. After washing them, I discovered that I hadn't taken the paper tag off of certainly one of them, covering them in wet paper confetti. The saying around the shirt - EPIC FAIL.

    My friend recently found myself in our school jazz choir. Apparently she had called her mom and said calmly, "I got in." Her mom then proceeded to scream, so when asked about this, shouted, "My daughter experienced jazz choir!" She was inside middle of an meeting.

    i had been walking home when some teenage boy leaned away from the passenger side of his car right as they passed me. i was expecting him to say something rude or stupid, but alternatively he shouted "HOW DO I GET TO NARNIA?!" before driving off. coolest guy i've met.
    A month or two ago, my friend Lex and I ordered cheesy bread sticks from a pizza place web put inside the special directions box: The password is coffee. When they guy got here, we wouldn't open the door all of the way until he told us the password. He did.

    Today, my school were built with a free dress day by which uniforms were not compulsory. While the most my school wore regular clothes, I wore my sheep-printed flanelette pyjamas, complete using a fluffy blue dressing gown and slippers. My principal high-fived me.

    Yesterday, my best ally brought over someone that was visiting for the while. After a while of my pal telling us we're weird, we said "We're not weird, we're normal. You're the weird one!" Simultaneously, hand motions and many types of. New closest friend? I think so.
    While studying abroad in Great Britain, the megacentre of Alice in Wonderland, I have only seen brown rabbits. While inside the flat kitchen yesterday, I saw a snow white rabbit outside our window. I screamed "Follow the white rabbit!" and ran from my flat. .
    I was on Urban Dictionary, and I researched the word average. Its answer: "An person with average skills is somebody who Loves Harry Potter, hates Twilight, perfers google to yahoo, and enjoys playing with their socks during church!" I think I may be regarded average.
    So while I was teaching select few in K/1, I asked the kids to say their name and their favorite animal. Out from the eight kids present three answered dogs were their favorite, two answered cat, one answered lion, one answered yoshi then one answered Liger.
    i was in the store while i saw two at the very least 30 year old men within the kids section playing with all the dinosaurs. They were making "nom nom nom" noises while they were making the dinos chow documented on other dinos. This made my day. TLAA (thier) (lives) (are) (average)
    Today, I read "Voldemort and Osama Bin Laden both died for the same day. Coincidence? I think not. " Well, er, so did Hitler. Something seems verrry fishy!Well this happened your day before my cousin left for basic training. I feel which he is safe now.
    Today, I see this story on dearblankpleaseblank: "Dear blind date at the zoo,I thought you had been a terrible date before you pointed in an animal in a pond I couldn't see and shouted "CURSE YOU PERRY THE PLATYPUS!"Sincerely, see you in the future?" You belong here.
    Today, my brother said to tell my cat which he is a terrible comedian and won't ever make it within the big time. Going in addition to it, I found my cat and told him that. What happens next? He destinations and won't i want to pet him anymore. Confused? Yes. Yes I am.
    I was reading Dracula and was upto the part where Mina was speaking about how Dracula contaminated her. She keeps saying unclean, but the word was separation because there wasn't space for the line. I sat there for 3 minutes attempting to figure out who uncle-an is.
    Today, I woke up to some Rubber Duck in my car and a note that read, 'This is often a friendly warning to make you aware from the upcoming chaos. The Rubber Duck apocalypse has started. We suggest you stock up on grapes and lemonade and require you the top of luck. Quak.'
    Today, when I went along to Office Depot it were built with a notepad that you might write on to try the pens out. I read anything that people had written around the pad and I got the biggest smile on my small face when I read "FOR NARNIA!!!!! now yourlia" It was the very best thing ever.
    Today, I was sitting within my computer when my mom said "I saved you some bubble wrap to pop!" I excitedly took it and was turning around to leave when she said "I also got you these!" I now have within my possession two boxes of Angry Birds gummies. M(and my moms)LIA
    Today, I noticed that the Phineas and Ferb title sequence carries a unicorn using a turtle shell in response towards the lyrics "discovering something which doesn't exists" because everybody knows that unicorns are true, but a unicorn having a turtle shell is merely silly, right?

    Today, I asked my boyfriend if unicorns could fly. He replied saying unicorns do not have wings, but Pegasus did. I then asked an amount happen in the event you combined a unicorn and Pegasus. He said it might be called the "unipeg" or perhaps a "pegacorn".
    I love him.
    I are actually thrifting for a long time. I've gotten jackets, shoes, and just cool useless crap at thrift stores. Reading through 's I notice a great deal of holidays-on-peoples'-birthdays stories, and decided to look up mine. August 17, my birthday, is National Thriftshop Day.
    Today, in one of my classes a fluorescent light malfunctioned and started flashing just like a strobe light. Since we're able to not get other things done because from the distracting light, there were a rave party to the remaining 25 minutes of class. My class is average and .

    A day or two ago while I was expecting my mom to pick me up from my summer volunteering job, I saw an ant about the ground acting rather strange. Then I noticed another ant under the strange acting ant. I seem like I have seen a thing that cannot be unseen.
    Today, I did my Sociology project. It involved breaking a custom. So my buddy and I were built with a picnic for the floor of Mcdonalds and had to record reactions. The manager walked up to us halfway through our meal and with her own McDouble at your fingertips, she inspired to join us.
    I went bowling with my friends and soon to get girlfriend. When it had been my turn the pin thing dropped without the pins. I was surprised but nobody was looking i really rolled the ball anyway. i obtained a strike and won the overall game... (P.S.- I think someone rigged that lane)
    Today, I was getting off the elevator during my friend's dorm. A kid ran in to the elevator as soon as I was off and closed the entranceway. As the doorway was closing his phone went off, his ringtone was the James Bond theme. I'm curious about what is taking place in that building.

    I was at my friend's house, and my shoe was across the room. I didn't want to get it so I just stared in internet marketing, hoping that it might somehow make its method to me. A matter of moments later, my buddy got as much as get my shoe personally. I think I might have just used the force.
    When my English teacher gave us our final exam, he referred to as day "Judgement Day", and set "May the force be with you" in the end in the instructions. It included fifteen questions regarding unicorns, our absolute favorite types of cheese, and the luscious locks of golden hair.

    my biology teacher decided the best method to teach us about dominant and recessive genes would be to make use of Harry Potter; muggle genes were dominant and wizard genes were recessive. i never been taught a lesson more... awesomely. Favorite teacher ever?
    I think yes!
    my pal and I were taking a walk. I was going out of my method to step on crunchy leaves of course when I discovered an area with no leaves to get found. My friend ran over to your pile of leaves acquired a bunch and dropped them in front me. She knows me all to well.

    I saw this post, "Today, I attended the drug store and begged dad for a fuzzy poster (what type that you colour in). It has unicorns, flowers, a rainbow, along with a castle into it. I'm 14; I regret nothing. " I am proud to say that I own that poster also... only I'm 20.
    I am inside process of deciding on law schools. So today, I posted on Facebook requesting suggestions for schools and states I should check into. One friend said "Hogwarts" and another said "I heard Narnia is often a beautiful place." I couldn't require better suggestions.

    me and my pal were walking through our school and speaking about how upset we had been that nothing worthy ever happened to us. Just a ham sandwich comes flying over the air and hit my pal square within the face, rebounds of her and hits me in the shoulder. OLAA
    Today, as I was complaining about a language we had to learn in college, my buddy proceeded to spread out the book and show me that there was three whole pages focused on JK Rowling and 2 other pages about Harry Potter. Needless to say, I quite love this particular language now.

    The other day in gym class inside the locker rooms we were talking about how we answer telemarketers. Some said a number of buddy the elf references and also this one quiet girl inside my class said she answered with "Canada's sperm bank, you squeeze it we freeze it".
    We applauded her. .
    i was looking to submit a story on when i obtained to the security thing in the bottom it said, "do you like me?" i put yes. it immediately said, "wrong answer." while telling this to my mother she immediately yelled, "darn it! I glued my finger towards the table!" , Her LIA
    The other day I was watching tv with my sister and a commercial comes on for a whole new plastic razor. The exact words with the commercial were "this razor lasts you your daily life, but in the event you call now you will recieve another one free!I'm confused why you'd need two...
    Whenever we are home alone, my father makes me leave skype on so he can check if i am ok constantly. Today, one of his CoWorkers emerged to his computer, looked on the screen really close, and picked his nose. he didnt know skype was on, and i really could not hold within my laughter!
    whilst searching my favorite band (My Chemical Romance) on wiki, I found out that their song 'Vampire Money' would have been a response for the Twilight franchise asking them to perform a song to the New Moon soundtrack, that they said 'F No!' I knew there would be a reason I liked them!
    while at the firework show my sister, her friend, and I where running back to our chairs in darkness using a bunch of explosions taking place. I started screaming in regards to the zombie appocolapse and the way I needed in order to save my Harry Potter books and flicks. I got a great deal of odd looks. .
    Today, as much others, I chose to join the yahoo vs google war. I went along to yahoo and typed "Harry Potter is" plus it replyed "Harry Potter is evil". I then attended google and typed exactly the same thing, but google replied "Harry Potter is all about confronting fears". Enough Said.
    Today, I went along to the restroom in class to wash my hands and saw 3 girls inside the same stall. All I hear was "Can I borrow your pants for history class?" "How shall we be held going to complete this?" Then all 3 ones walked beyond the stall and left the restroom like nothing happened.
    Today, I went to my friend's house because my older sister was moving the faculty. When I returned I looked around her room for things she left. On the very best of her bookshelf I found a Ouran Shield from Zelda made beyond cardboard and colorful duct tape. I love my sister.
    Today, while shopping in the produce section in Kroger, the shower for the vegetables fired up. The coolest part was that before it switched on there would have been a thunder roar as well as cool lighting that make it look like there's lightning. Never have I been so amazed. .
    I got a retainer, I hated it until my buddy said if you ask me very seriously , "So your transformation into a robot has finally begun. Everything goes perfectly to plan." Whilst pointing within my mouth. I don't know if I ought to be extremly happy or worried. M(almost robotic)LIA.
    Today, as I was driving home, I passed the chaviest, most modified car, ever. It was all low and colorful; the type of car you would see over hyped teenage boys driving. It was only every time a tough looking guy get out the car that I realized it had Winnie The Pooh seat covers. .
    I took a red eye flight from California to Pennsylvania, and in the event the pilot in the plane was talking within the intercom he said, "we will dim the lights as soon as the plane will take off to enhance the looks of our flight attendants." Im not sure if anyone else was paying attention.
    The other trip to work a vintage woman who looked about 70 something came up to me holding a cheese grater and asked what it was. I told her what it was used for and also showed her how to use it. I felt a feeling of accomplishment when she called me a very intelligent young man.
    Back when my dad was in his twenties, he with his fantastic coworkers had a lot of fun every time they pulled all-nighters. Regardless of their solemn buisness attire, they'd construct a roll of bubble wrap and push one another down the hall in desk chairs. Who says that parents aren't cool?
    was my (and my brother's) birthday, so to celebrate, my pops, brother and I visited this cafe/saloon for dinner. When we were done, the guy who was simply serving us came to hand us the balance. I read his name tag: it read "Harry Potter". I think I just found my new favourite cafe.
    A week ago, I was playing the iPod shuffle game with my pal. I asked her iPod if my crush liked me back. The song that emerged was my crush's first name. That would've been great, except that my crush will be the same friend I was playing the shuffle game with. M(and Her)LIA.
    Today, I was walking on the hallway, and passed by the boy who seems to certainly be a bit of your gang member by stereotype (big, Hispanic, you realize). When I walked passed him, I remarked that his shirt-in Twilight font letters- said "I killed Edward." Thank you, friend; You made my day. .
    Last night, me and three of my good friends drove around blasting techno music from TRON inside car then ran around a the game at 10 p.m. making airplane noises and chasing one another with sticks. Oh, we're also all 20 along with college. Time well spent on the summer night.
    The other day, I was within the hair salon with my sister. A young boy walked in regarding his mom holding a treat and said "you realize, mom? Chocolate isn't candy." His mom replied "than the facts?" The young boy said "....chocolate!!!" Thank you young boy for making my day. .
    so when my bus was leaving school and was waiting to get to the road, most of us see those two teenagers (my school is K-12) rummaging inside their cars trunk. Then among them finally removed a rubber unicorn mask, use it, and started waving at us before we left. and TheirLIA
    At my school we've a loudspeaker in the office so teachers can get messages across to students and everyone can hear it. Today, I convinced the deputy to play the start of the Circle Of Life through it so the entire school could hear. I feel we've accomplished an existence goal =)
    Today, I was eating peach cobbler in the home and wanted some ice cream with it. I took one box beyond the freezer, opened it and attemptedto scoop out some frozen treats. It was frozen, so I threw it away. It wasnt before I took your second box of frozen treats I realized what I´d just done.
    I was babysitting my two younger sisters. They were watching an educational show in the media. The cartoon pig asked what letter came next in the sequence. My sister yelled 'J'. I yelled from the kitchen, "You're a genius!" She yelled back, "Nope, I've seen this episode before." H(er)LIA
    we got a fresh boy at our school. I wanted to view what type of guy he am I went up to him and yelled "Avada Kedavra" his response to that was diving on the ground and screaming "Lights fading, darkness overpowering, must resist!" I think I found my new companion. M(and the)LAA
    Today, I was sitting in the lawn chair inside my front yard and found that it had straps that could hook together. I made them into a seatbelt and acted just as if I was driving a race car, noises included. People provided me with weird looks, my neighbor came beside me and acted as my pit crew. OLAA.
    I told my best friend that they looks much like the Mexican version of Harry Potter in the fourth movie (you know with all the long hair). The look on his face was so grateful and happy you'd probably have thought I had just told him that I was giving him a free pass to Narnia for his birthday.

    Yesterday my pals and I were coming home from the college basketball game and decided to roll our windows down and blast Disney music. When we came to your red light anyone beside us looked over us like we were freaks, then rolled their window down, and started singing around.

    Today, I was reading the 334 approaches to get kicked away from walmart -while sitting with the middle of walmart - on, and I saw that 332 and 334 were the identical. I started crying and screaming and pointing on the computer screen and they also kicked me out.
    So this is the REAL 334th way.
    Recently, I met my cousin's friend. She's a true knockout and I wanted to impress her. How did I do it? I bragged about my number of classic Disney movies and my awesome baking skills. She's coming over this weekend. I'm making the cookies, she's bringing lyrics to every one of the songs.
    In band class my teacher told us our whole marching show is going to be Harry Potter. Even better she said that we are not going to put on out marching uniforms, but cloaks! So our half time show is going to get 100 bandos caught in Harry Potter cloaks, scarves, and brooms.
    in my Earth Science class we were talking about cloud formation and their classifications. My professor's description of an cumulus cloud? "They're the clouds you stare at and go 'That one looks being a fluffy bunny... And that one seems like the USS Enterprise...'".
    I love university.
    Today, I got up out of my seat in class at the end with the period, and accidentally knocked into someone. I quickly turned around and apologized. It would be a pole. My teacher was watching nearby and set it up a sticker to be considerate of inanimate objects. Coolest.
    Teacher. Ever.
    Today, I bought a new pair of Converse shoes which can be like Crayola crayons: they've the name of the shoe color on the side as well as the back features a swirly line much like the crayon wrappers. Best part? It was included with three crayons along with a Crayola Converse coloring book. Best shoes ever? I think yes.
    Today, I was at volleyball practice as well as a ball hit one with the girl's water bottles, which was on the bench. The water bottle hit a floor, rebounded, did a 360 and fell back down with a perfect landing . It didn't even sway around or anything. It was the most epic thing I've seen.

    Today, I walked into my bathroom to get ready for work and my cat followed me, like always. But she made a decision to nap in the sink while I did my makeup. When I told my mom concerning this later in the day, she informed me that I did the same thing when I was little, and this must be my biological cat.
    Last week, my bus for school was rear-ended at a red light with a car. It barely hit us, but my bus driver asked, "Is anyone injured?" then this kid I totally hate replied, "I think I possess some brain damage!" My bus driver then continued to say, "Anything you weren't born with?" Nice one, Mrs.
    Today, my mother brought home a $600 kitten. After long spaces of time attempting to choose a name, my sister asked what I ended up doing for the last 4 hours. I went to the cinema to see the latest Transformer's movie. A tiny, fluffy, pure white, blue-eyed kitten has become called Megatron. FTW! .
    Today, I searched Yahoo for "how to have rid of spiders" because we have a ton lately. I scanned though a couple of websites but none from the advice seemed worthwhile. I switched over to Google along with the first website I came across informed me to "Install a Basilisk to the least used room of the home". .
    My friend who will be the essence of the perfect child seems to believe she's a rebel. she asked me if she was one. So naturally I laughed and asked why she considered that. She said it absolutely was because when she came over to the home the other day she wasn't wearing a seatbelt. She's my to your neighbors neighbor.
    Today, I was at the zombie march (Everyone dresses up as zombies or survivors and parade around town, very fun) and with the end everyone sat down on the bunch of steps. A guy all the way up on the top step shouted "RED ROBIN!" and after that simultaneously, all others shouted out, "YUMMM!".
    M(and the)LIA.
    I've recently recovered from a bad break-up and started seeing a fresh guy. When I told my overly-protective sister regarding the guy she said, "I just hope he doesn't turn out to be considered a trickster and illusionist." Immediately I began to laugh, and she inquired about why. The guy I'm dating is a magician. OLAA
    Today, My friends decided to kidnap me repeatedly with the day randomly because of my size. At some part, I saw my guy friend come from the classroom door and tell the teacher, "Sorry, I forgot my calculator.", and proceeded to choose me up and walk out of. I'm half asian. Best kidnapping ever? .
    I took Mystery seeker and got the mission to email the mystery seeker headquarters and check if they replied. I asked them what their favorite color sock was, and got this reply "You are Officially A Ninja! My Favorite Color sock would have to get blue zebra print.
    Now go post this to ." Day. Made. .
    Today, among my college art professors ran in to the empty classroom some of us art students were implementing hw in, kicked a table over, threw a chair over the room, and ran back out of the room. He then walked back into the room like nothing had happened and asked "who made this mess?

    " ... HisLIA.
    Today, whilst considering doughnuts in a very doughnut shop, I noticed indicative on the glass nevertheless, " Don't lean around the glass. The ancient spirits is going to be aroused, your automobile will start making that expensive knocking sound, rabid squirrels will invade your home, the ones will not talk with you at parties."
    I check this out "Today, I saw this post "Today, I realized I can't just say the alphabet. No matter how hard I to, I still sing it. Please another person has this issue too. -" You are not alone, my fellow er... You are not alone. (Your)LIA " - I'd like to point out that you just can, in the event you use a robot voice. .
    I'm in the hospital with pneumonia. I brightened a sick young boy's day when he saw my Totoro slippers and purple-and-blue striped hair, which kept him interested while we were waiting in X-ray. After he went in for his, I taught myself to do doughnuts in my wheelchair. I'm 38.
    Day. Not. Wasted. .
    Today, I read this post: "Yesterday I read a about two girls putting spoons under their pillows rather than having school the next I used it that night. Guess what I was without today? ." I thought this was an amazing idea, and set a spoon under my pillow.

    Then I remembered, it's summer vacation.
    A couple days ago I had just gotten up. I was really tired and made a decision to get some milk for cereal. I got onto the counter to obtain a bowl (because I'm really short) and I accidently knocked the glass milk carton off of the counter. But before it hit the soil I grabbed it with my feet.
    I felt just like a monkey.
    Today, the best teacher had the hiccups. I told her when she let sugar dissolve to be with her tongue for any minute they will go away, figuring she would just say 'really?' then proceed. Instead, she stopped class, pulled a BIG bag of splenda beyond her desk drawer, and asked if it could work.
    It did. HerLIA
    in Home Ec, we i was tasting regular vs. low-fat coffee cake. No one was told who made which cake, so people throughout the room said things like, "I'm pretty sure I made Cake A" and "I'm pretty sure our group made Cake B." For some reason, it felt fitting for me to say "I'm pretty sure I'm an elephant."
    in class, an individual randomly started humming the Harry Potter theme really quietly. I heard and joined in. Within several seconds, the full class were humming, as well as the noise traveled on the other classes within the corridor. The whole corridor finished up humming the song, whilst the teachers made no objection.
    Yesterday, My boyfriend's family and I went to the Mall so we saw this cardboard box helmet which has a creeper on it from Minecraft. He purchased and wore it throughout the mall from it on. Needless to state, but he got a lot of weird looks and comments; however, one girl did come up in my opinion and saw' "He's a keeper."
    My mission for ended up being to write a fake Hogwarts Acceptance Letter leave it on someone's entry way, ring the bell, run, hide and observe the action. The guy who opened the threshold, found the letter, opened it and make out the print. He then proceeded to perform into his house yelling "TAKE THAT MOM. SCHOOLS DO WANT ME." HisLIA
    We live in a very country where do not have electricity for half the day. Last night, as the lights were gone, we had been all sitting outside within the dark and talking. Suddenly, my little brother takes a flashlight, puts it under his shirt and turns it on. When we look at him funny, he just goes "Iron Man." HLIA
    (well, this morning), I woke up really late for school since I stayed up watching Pokémon till 2 inside morning. I rushed up to obtain ready, but I tripped and fell on my small head and a black out. But it ends up that I was dreaming and I had only slept for 5 minutes. The things Pokemon does for your health. .
    I look at this story: Today, I learned that certainly one of my university professors is Professor Moody. I'm going to love this particular class quite definitely. . After reading it I pointed out that my grandfathers name is Moody and he was obviously a professor. I then did just a little happy dance.
    Everyone at lunch stared at me but it had been worth it.
    Today, my girlfriend is asleep while I am at my computer. She has this habit of occasionally talking in her own sleep. A moment ago she exclaimed "Got it!" that I reply "Yay!" (I smirk thinking that maybe she caught the Snitch) However, then she states "Now I'm gonna pee into it!" I'm a lttle bit confused now.
    I took mystery seeker. I asked it what my mission was twice, plus it just said "What is my mission?" So I typed, "WHAT IS MY FRIGGIN MISSION????" Its response was: "Calm down. Your mission is always to draw an octopus and hide him in public areas, and tell the finder to post on ." I can finally say, challenge accepted.
    ers I need your help. There is this guy I fancy, he loves books, crayons, is often a Potterhead and makes me feel indescribable. He mentioned how he proceeds every once and awhile and I'm having a hard time telling him that I fancy him so, Jerry Brown its Kristie, to start dating sometime?
    Please help me understand this published.
    Yesterday I was absent from soccer practice and during class everyone got handed back their essays about what they might need to survive the end of the world my good friend put water, a years valuation on hot cheetos, an extention chord that may go all the way to the moon as well as a spaceship from the dollar store.
    He got a 100. HLIA
    Today, I was looking through posts, and I saw something in regards to the number 42, so I googled it to view what every one of the fuss was. I then saw- '42 will be the answer to life, the universe, and everything.' I then googled 'What will be the answer to life the universe and everything.' Google calculator sprouted.
    The answer? 42.
    Today, a buddy of mine and I were both extremely bored. She suddenly jumped up and shouted, "I have coloring books!" and whipped out a princess one and one for the Avengers, and that we both lay around the floor with the crayons extremely excited. We're both Marines, so we were within the squad bay. I regret nothing. OurLIA.
    I read a post nevertheless "I was walking to operate ans I passed someone inside a tree. They started 'Hooing' and then gave me an exceptance letter to Hogwarts School Of Witch-craft and Wizardry. Day=MADE " That person was me. I'm guessing this person never got word of mysteryseeker.
    com. But I'm glad I made someone's day :)
    Today, while walking back to the car through the library, I saw a grown man playing on the monkey bars in the park. Just swinging forwards and backwards on them. Then he got off them, looked around, pulled down his jacket, and walked away like nothing happened. Way to allow the inner child turn out every once inside a while man!

    Today, throughout a fitness training, the teachers said i was going to accomplish '8-minute abs'. When everybody groaned, they asked 'what, doesn't everybody want rock-hard abs?' My friend beside me immediately responded, 'I already will have rock-hard abs.
    I just love them much that I hide them under my fat.' HerLIA
    I see this, "Today, I was on Mystery Seeker. I entered: "What is my mission?" It explained my mission would have been to "attempt to rationalize why Twilight is nice. Optional: post on " It may be over couple of hours and I still can't come up which has a reason. " Well, I can think of an reason. It provides for us something to produce fun of :)
    Last sunday my sister and I both got presents from my parents. We got two small hand-painted angels. But the very best part was that we were holding wrapped in bubble-wrap. Needless to state we spent the following thirty minutes playing with that. Our parents agreed to offer us both bubble-wrap for Christmas. We're 17 and 23. OurLAA
    A while ago, there was to write a scenario for a short film for school. It was required to be a good umbrella. In my story, the umbrella is a wand and 2 wizards are dueling. Yesterday, we shot the movie. We wore our snuggies and the duel was epic. I have a very feeling this is likely to be the most effective movie my school has ever seen! .
    in considered one of my classes, we had this extremely fat substitute. She told us there was a free period and that we can do whatever we'd like because she didnt desire to get up off her seat. So being the mature seniors we are, my class pretended i was playing call of duty by shooting one another with fake guns. best day of playing.
    My 9th grade world geography teacher were built with a thing where in case you fell asleep, zoned out, or weren't focusing, he'd dip those hand clapper things in water and clap them at you. Naturally, just as one end from the year gift, my entire class grouped up and gave him water guns and air canons. Good luck, incoming freshmen. .
    Yesterday as I was walking in New York City, I thought I saw Daniel Radcliffe walking towards me. Instinctively, I viewed his forehead to ensure the presence with the lightning-bolt scar to make sure it really was him. It wasn't until several minutes later that I pointed out that he does not have the scar in person.
    I was talking to my friend about how cool Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" video is. She said 1 time late night, she was watching it by herself, and her dad was hiding inside the hallway. As the part:"You've been struck by, you're hit by, smooth criminal," her dad jumped out and squirted her which has a nerf gun. TLAA
    Today, I got on and asked it what my mission was, which it replyed "Speak inside a british accent for 10 minutes and see if your parents can evaluate what your doing." I did, they told me I have to go time for bed because I've been possessed with a angry british woman. Best Parents ever? I think so. TheirLIA
    Today, in AP US history, i was talking concerning the Salem witch trials. When our teacher asked us why some individuals accused others to be witches, some people said money as well as to explain things that happened, then the quiet kid inside our class shouted, "THEY WERE JUST JEALOUS THEY DIDN'T GET INTO HOGWARTS." most of us applauded. .
    Today, Me and my friend were at track practice playing while using batons, waving them around like wands. I preceded to yell "AVADA KEDAVRA" and shake my wand at him. It slipped through my fingers, hit him within the head, and knocked him out cold. When he awakened he congratulated me so we shared the pikachu cake I made him.
    Today, during art my pal and I discovered that she could fit perfectly in a very cardboard box that was inside the supply room. While she was inside the box we had arrived having cardiovascular conversation and a few classmates were only available in. They were surprised to view me talking to some box and still have it reply back. Their expressions were the most effective.
    Today, to view how disconnected from pop culture my parents were, I started singing "Baby" really loudly to see how they might react; both of them went about their business as usual. My cat, however, leaped over the room, jumped around the couch, and proceeded to shove her head repeatedly against my mouth to stifle the noise. .
    Today, I tried writing an account on My Life Is Bieber, saying "Wow..... this great site is terrifying. I say it requires intervention. My Life is certainly NOT Bieber, and I couldn't be happier." It didn't allow me to submit it because of "banned words." I don't know what you think, but I smell fear. Be scared, MLIB. Be very scared.
    Today, well this week, it's the last week of college so obviously, it's SENIOR PRANK WEEK! I was walking along the hall to lunch with my pals and we hear these weird noises getting louder. Out of nowhere, a white ball rolls by and a giant Pacman ran by barking being chased by two giant ghosts. Best walk to lunch EVER.
    I was on my mission was to bark everytime someone said my name. Since I were built with a mission I thought it will only be fair if my mom had someone to. Her mission? Flash family members living along while screaming I see dead people. My mother, being my mother, did this to my 22 year old sister. (my mother's)LIA
    Today, inside the middle of my English class, five guys walked in. Four ones were dressed as the ghosts from pacman, and also the other guy as pacman itself. They walked between every desk, playing the pacman song on an iPod. The teacher then proceeded to try out pacman to the rest of class and projected it around the wall. DAY. MADE.
    Today, I found out that there is a town in Worcester, England, that states be probably the most accident-prone street in the world. (The actual name of the town is Accident Prone Street.) To prevent the residents from hurting themselves, the insurance companies covered the entire street in bubble wrap. I really want to move there!
    This morning, I check this out: "Today, I was playing on my small iPhone whilst eating grapes. I now understand that you can use grapes to work the touchscreen technology. Time well spent. ." I thought we would try it, unfortunately, we merely ran away from grapes. I used the closest substitute there were, which was blueberries. Turns out that works well too! .
    I stumbled on an saying they typed 'why it is possible to p' online, and getting, 'why it is possible to priest at the spelling bee?' Expecting it to get fake, like most of them are, I tried it. Not only did that can come up, but in addition 'why it is possible to pancake within the silverware drawer?' I kid explore, and I am sorry er for ever doubting you.
    Today, in Science class, our teacher mentioned how something was "long and hard." There were a couple of giggles and laughs, but this one annoying guy in class had to be immature and yell out, "That's what she said!" Without missing a beat, our teacher replied, "Like you'd know.
    " and went returning to teaching. Nice one, Mrs. Guy.
    Today, well, Yesterday, I read a post about licking a spoon and sticking it under your pillow somehow makes there be no school tomorrow. I got really excited and chose to try it. I awakened this morning and also got really excited and asked my father if there were school. He looked at me like I was crazy and told me it was Sunday...
    my children and I were having dinner within an Italian restaurant. My sister and I were playing using a paper football, flicking it through our little field goals. I accidentally flicked it down over in the other booth close to us that individuals could not see from the booth. Seconds later, it delivered. This continued through the entire dinner.
    on the Dory Days parade, my children and I were trying to get with a spot. On the way, we passed by big scary looking biker dudes. I was somewhat afraid when certainly one of them approached a float. Then I realized he was asking for more candy. After that, I heard the biggest biker say "I like chocolate, too.
    ..". Day. Made. TheirLivesAreAverage
    today, someone said a post on about the veggie tales website and just how larry says "im not really a pickle, im a cucumber" and "do you know where my hairbrush is?". i then went along to the website and left it there then delivered to the web site. apparently, according to him "EVERYBODY has a water buffalo!

    " sadly, i don't possess one. personally i think really neglected.
    Today, I was helping watch kids within my old school. They were third graders, and they also were having a discussion about what they thought about being when they spent my youth. When one little boy was asked he replied in every seriousness, "A moderator of submissions on my small life is average.
    " Well a minimum of our generation has their priorities straight. HisLIA.
    I transferred schools, so when soon as I walked during my Science class, my teacher planned to know if I was "AP" material or otherwise by asking be to use the word "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" inside a sentence. After several seconds, I created one, saying, "I have no idea of what Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious means.
    " Everyone applauded.
    Today, my mom and I were driving within the car going towards the store. We were driving by way of a neighborhood when I saw a chicken and I immeadiately yelled "CHICKEN!" Within seconds my mom yelled, "MAILBOX!" I looked at her with confusion, and she said, "Oh! There's a chicken.. I thought we had been just yelling out random things." Oh, mother..
    A few months ago, my buddy and I went along to the Harry Potter theme park. When we went along to get our wands at Olivanders, there would have been a small boy there together with his grandmother. He started jumping around, yelling excitedly "I got Harry's wand!!" The whole store burst into applause and congratulated him. It clearly made his day. This kid's LIA
    On my closest friend's 20th birthday I baked her a cake and bought her two coloring books. Our roommate shouted "I HAVE A DISNEY ONE!" and ran into her room to get it. We then spent another 3 hours with the dining room table individuals dorm coloring disney princesses, winnie the pooh, and toy story in the end blasted disney songs from my ihome.
    Today, I read a fact over a random website that required to, it turned out that "The State of Florida is larger than England". Later that day, I drank a Snapple and also the fact in the cap was "The State of Florida is larger than England". Furthermore, I live in Florida and my companion is currently on a break in England. WEIRD. .
    my boyfriend was driving me home. Earlier tomorrow I confessed I had watched every episode of the past air bender to him. On our method to my house which is really a 20 minute drive and parked in my drive way for a good half hour, we discussed outright Pokemon. Some how I think this could be the universe telling me we're meant being together. OLAA.
    Yesurday we celabrated Haloween at our school. I got asked out by 10 guys, 3 girls asserted we should be bestfriends and that i got about 27 heigh fives. What did I be you may ask? I was Finn the Human from Adventure time, throwing pokemon balls at those with candy inside. It morphed my two favorite things into one super costume!
    within our daily memos there were a message telling all of us about International Wizards Independence day, so we all proceeded to face up and use a moment of silence for all wizards who died for the greater good. This happened all around the school, in every grade level. Noone knows who submitted the message within the first place. T(heir)/O(ur)LIA
    A couple weeks ago I was apartment hunting at my new college. My mother really wished to check out some from the dorms, so she made a decision to find students who'd show her theirs. Embarrassed, I stayed inside the car. Ten minutes later, my mother comes home and proudly announces that she what food was in a dorm room with 5 college guys. You go, Mom. H(er)LIA
    A several months ago, my grandma ended up within the hospital. She's fine, but while she was there, she started having hallucinations. One night, she started randomly saying, "hey, litttle lady. Little girl! You want some of my sherbert?" The only people inside room were my uncles, who are both 30+ and within the military. Made. My. Year. .
    So this season I'm surviving in France just as one exchange student all night to French high school. I just started in a new class and so I do not know everyone that well yet, but judging from the full-fledged wizards' duel that transpired while looking forward to our chem teacher to exhibit up, I don't even think I'll have got problems getting together with these guys. .
    Today, my boyfriend and I went to Publix for lunch. We found themselves coming home which has a Sesame Street coloring book & crayons at the same time. I colored during dinner then when he asked for a turn I yelled, "No! It's mine!" We spent a half an hour going with the book arguing who was simply allowed to attract what picture. We're twenty and twenty-six yrs .
    old. .
    as I was cleaning my room, I found a piece of paper having a name on top that I had never heard of. It was with a piece of paper advertising a cheer-leading camp, and under it an unknown number was written twenty three times. I have no idea of the name, I have never been to cheer camp, as well as the phone number didn't exist... It was all in my handwriting.
    A few moments ago, I was reading when I heard music out side. I looked out my window to find out a big red truck with just a very masculine man inside since it drove by. His Song Choice? "Now That We're Men," from Spongebob. But it doesn't hang on a minute, he just drove by again playing super hero theme songs......I love my Neighborhood now. M(And His)LIA
    (Yesterday) I was taking a walk, we live right next to your highway so there semi-trucks driving by all the time & I like to obtain them to honk. I had my i-pod playing so i started dancing n doing the sign for your to honk, not merely did i buy the truck driver to honk but i managed to get the 5 trucks behind it to honk and pump there fists! ^_^ Time wisely spent.
    was the 1st time my crush talked in my opinion this week. While everyone else thought I was weird for having a stuffed butterfly in my head, what did he say? What's the name from the butterfly on your head? When I said his name was Bartholomew, he started freaking out im amazement. I now know I have a very crush on the right person. M( and Bartholomew's)LIA
    Today, i was practicing writing essays for the AP test inside my English class. We were designed to choose "one with the following books or possibly a work of similar literary merit" to create about, and also the suggested books were Pride and Prejudice, Hamlet, etc. I wrote about Animal Farm. I glanced inside my friend's paper and saw the text "Draco Malfoy". HerLIA
    I was brushing my teeth as you're watching a movie on TV and was very puzzled by the earthquake happening within the movie, which despite being a reasonably intense-looking earthquake, none from the actors gave the impression to notice.Then my electric toothbrush's 2-minute timer went off. Turns the electric toothbrush was making my eyes, thus my vision, vibrate.
    I read articles about Brazil, and it mentioned that individuals in Brazil speak Portuguese. I sat there for the while, thinking about how precisely weird it will be to live inside a country where people speak a language that just isn't named as soon as the country they live in. After contemplating this for any few minutes, I remembered that I reside in America. I speak English.
    in college, the professor was discussing one last paper which was due at the end from the week. We were supposed to discuss why the liberal arts were important. Instead, we discussed the zombie apocalypse. In our defense though, the professor pointed out we would need liberal arts minds to bring back the knowledge for the world after individuals were eaten.
    Today, I was listening with a song I really liked. I started doing the sprinkler in places you go back and forth not knowing my dad was outside my window. He then did one other sprinkler which goes down, up, down up. I then copied him. He did the lawn mower. And I started to reel during my dad as a fish. We applauded. Then I went to my computer. and HLIA
    around the last day of school, my friend and I failed to party like most of our own friends. Instead we changed quickly into our pajamias and stood a Harry Potter marathon. Like 15 hours later (there was to stop the flicks sometimes), we took her sister's Twilight movies and set them in while throwing popcorn at the screen saying what a disgrace it is to humans. OLAA
    Yesterday my secondary school accounting students decided I am a common teacher and in the future they will call me Mom. one from the boy's walked passed one of my other classes, stuck his head in, and shouted "Hey Mom!" after which went along his way... needless to convey the most my students just stared at me with very confused looks on their faces.
    my good friend mentioned having to wish everyone a Happy Singles Awareness Day since it's almost the 14th. Her mind was blown when I mentioned that the abbreviation for your is SAD knowning that people are sad on SAD. I then declared exact sentence to my other friend and she looked over me like I was insane before you make the connection. I felt oddly intelligent. .
    On Halloween in 2010 as I was leaving my flat to go out and meet my mates, as I did I heard the Pokemon theme song blaring from my neighbours family area; that they had left the threshold open for any person to come join the party. I went in to find everyone dolled up and belting the words. Needless to express I think im in the wrong flat. TheirLivesAreAwesome.
    Before college started this past year, my mom and I went back university shopping. While with the WalMart, we noticed a tagless froggy pillow pet in the clearance aisle and snagged it. At check-out, there is no tag no other froggy pillow pets within the store, so my mom haggled with all the cashier and manager. Who got a pillow pet for $5? This chick! Be jealous. ;D
    Today, I was walking to the bus stop, when I remarked that someone had painted Troll Face around the sidewalk. I completely freaked out, and ran home to grab my camera, and tell my sister. We skipped back towards the crime scene giddily and proceeded to lay around the floor, capturing of eachother by it. My sister is really a 20 year old college student, and I'm a Mom.
    my companion came over and we'd some time for you to kill before dad got home, and then we found 2 light sabers, 2 capes, and a couple of masks, dolled up and then went to opposite ends of the house. When my father got home we screamed. "FOR NARNIA!" and charged at each other and a light saber battle before him. His response...."the internet is down don't you think."!!
    Today, there was a fly inside my house. My brother swatted it several times and after that caught him alive. He then proceeded just to walk through the house with it, proclaiming, "I caught considered one of their prisoners alive! I caught considered one of them alive! It should be executed inside the most painful way possible!" He then proceeded to purge it around the toilet. He's almost twenty.
    Today, I heard about my little sister's date to her club's mixer. K is extremely shy and does not really speak to guys because she thinks they're stupid (A fair assessment the majority with the time, I agree.), and our whole family was shocked she actually asked a man to the mixer. Turns out she met Kellan at a Quidditch game. I've never been more happy with her.
    I was at a Starbucks, and I said my name was Lord Voldemort. When my drink was ready, the cashier didn't say 'He-who-must-not-be-named', she just said Lord Voldemort. I was disappointed, until I heard another cashier say "it is possible to't say his name!" Her response? "Fear of the name only increases anxiety about the thing itself". Needless to state, I was no more disappointed.
    Today, I heard a girl complaining about oatmeal raisin cookies. Normally I couldn't survive all to amazed by this, except for what are the girl said! "those raisins looks much like chocolate chips within, except they aren't! They're identity thieves! Would you really want to place an identity thief inside your stomach?
    ! I THINK NOT!" this girl goes places. HerLIA
    (well yesterday) my companion spent the night this also morning while I was sleeping she took my phone and changed all of my contacts to names like Ron Weasley, Dumbledore, Voldemort, Superman, and Batman. While I want to find out who these people actually are, I never want to change the names back. I quite enjoy getting texts from these individuals :D I love my best friend.
    Today, I read, "i read this submission: "I learned that the actress who plays Ginny Weasley is becoming married to a Twilight actor. I feel betrayed. " Well, he also plays Gellert Grindelwald in Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows, Part 2. Is that another betrayal or perhaps is it a great thing?
    I'm not sure myself. " It's a fantastic thing! He's obviously spying about the dark side!
    I was watching an interview with cast of "Once Upon a Time." A British woman stood up and looked over John Dallas, Prince Charming, dead inside the eye. She said,"Thank you much to be so charming because now my twelve year old niece has stopped liking Justin Beiber!" The whole audience and cast started cheering. Guys, this show is evolving our generation for your better.
    Today, I was headed to my locker after school to acquire my homework. I was walking slow, so everyone was already gone. I am waiting my locker when just a little boy( he looked about 3 years) ran by me, opened an unlocked locker, got inside, and proceeded to randomly peek to check and she if I had left. I am fairly positive this child is a ninja in training. H(is)lia
    Last night, my nephew said he desired to bring a birthday treat to his class today. His parents told him there wasn't enough time to accomplish anything like that, there wasn't time and energy to go towards the store and it was too late to make anything. I personally stayed getting the club three AM just to make sure he got brownies to bring to school. The look on his face was worth a night's insomnia.

    The other night, my cousin was sleeping over and around midnight I heard a noise like a slap. I wanted to question why she had just slapped herself, but I ended up being tired, so I just revenues to check if she's asleep even. Apparently she had slapped herself in her sleep and woken herself up. She said someone was wanting to take her wallet in their own dream so she slapped them. H[er]LIA.
    "someone said "Today, I read an account on about someone typing "why is there a p" online and getting the end result "Why it is possible to pineapple beneath the sea". I wanted to determine if it was true. I didn't get the identical result. I got "why it is possible to pakistani in my couch".
    . " i got why what is the priest in the spelling bee? " i got why it is possible to pancake within the silverware drawer,
    Today, my mom and I were located on our laptops whenever we heard rustling noises from behind us. Knowing it had been my cat, probably getting into something he wasn't likely to, I woke up and started sneaking towards him, intending to determine what he was doing. Instead, I tripped over my very own foot and stumbled loudly, causing my cat to go in a flying skid over the room. Classic. .
    Today, our English teacher made us watch a fan-made Wuthering Heights music video, with clips through the 1992 movie. About thirty seconds in, when Heathcliff first comes around the screen, a girl at the front individuals class yells out, "OH MY GOSH IT'S VOLDEMORT!
    !!!" As if her life wasn't average enough, the girl beside her remarks, "I didn't recognize him having a nose..." TheirLAA
    Later this coming year I am graduating, and rather than head out drinking and partying web-sites my age, I'm choosing to experience hide and seek with my buddies in IKEA, then we are dressing up as Narnia characters and hiding in random cupboards throughout the store.
    And use a Harry Potter movie marathon. These are just some with the things I'm going to accomplish with my average friends.
    The other day, a few friends and I went to an arcade. I finished up playing House with the Dead 4, and halfway through, a guy who I've never seen before walks up, puts in a quarter, grabs the gun, says "you cover the right side" and starts playing together with me.
    We finished your entire game, high-fived, and after that went our separate ways. Thank you, mysterious zombie-slaying stranger. .
    Today, I realized the amount my mom would have loved this site. Once, we played baseball with stale bread. Another time, there were a toothpaste squirting contest. She did so many other average things. Sadly, she died last November. I found this great site this past March.
    It has taught me to be laugh daily since. Thank you, , if you are my saving grace. and MMLWA (my moms life was average)
    Today, (in older times actually) me and my pals stayed after school, bored to death. What did we all do? We went along to the middle school, and made about 100 copies of an individual sheet of paper. We then slipped them into all with the 5th graders lockers. We returned the next day, but got high-fives from all of the 5th grade teachers.

    What was that letter you ask? Hogwarts Acceptance Letters (:
    my friend told me that one of my current very attractive guy friends stood a huge crush on me in high school graduation. I got really flattered and started picturing our way of life together. I had just reached your choice that considered one of our dogs will be named Gizmo when I realized he couldn't have liked me in senior high school. We didn't meet until college.
    I continued planning us together anyway.
    Today, within the middle of a lecture in piano class, I talked to a man who said he'd never read harry potter. Naturally, this helped me very upset. So in a fit of fury, I haphazardly cast the killing curse across the room. Right as I yelled, "avada kedavra," it hit a female, who then proceeded to keel over and fall out of her chair, laying for the floor, motionless, for about 3 minutes.
    Today, I was running around a huge furniture store with my mother and I was whistling the Harry potter theme song. My mother asked about a question so I stopped mid-song, and across a store I heard someone finish whistling the tune. It got silent plus a salesman yells "which was AWESOME!" And anyone who finished it yell "mental high-five!" And I yelled "mental high-five!" back. OLAA
    Today, I needed to babysit my 5 years old cousin. Which wasent so bad, as he comes up with all the cutest little questions. But today, it turned out diffrent. He come up if you ask me and says "I determine what I want to be inside a next life." Courisoly, I said "well, the facts?" according to him "a butterfly" when I asked why he was quoted saying "Because no body suspects the butterfly." Im now scared to view him in a next life.
    in band, we sight read a song called " the snappin rappin tappin clapping big band blues" which involved all with the things in the title. One from the "rappin" parts said concerning the trumpets "man those players discover how to blow" and that the clarinets "wet their reeds and will entertain you having a special lick". Needless to say, the complete band was laughing so faithfully none folks could play. .
    Today, I tried the Google vs. Yahoo war. Seeing how I was eating poptarts, in Yahoo I typed "poptarts are" but got "what number of flavors of poptarts are there" Then I typed "poptarts are" into Google, and I kid explore, the initial result around the drop-down menu was "poptarts include the devils food" I can easily point out that Google wins, and I can never look at my delicious poptarts the same way again.
    Yesterday, I called my father to wish him Happy Father's Day. We talked for the bit, then when I needed to head to function, he offered his normal goodbye, " May the force be along with you, young padawan." My response? " And along master." Before I hung up, I hear inside background my mother yelling at my dad saying, " She's never going to get married if you keep doing that! And I want grandchildren!"
    Today, I stood a ton of homework that I was procrastnating on. When I tried to go to , it came up which has a page in spite of this "this page had not been found". Every time I finished an assignment, I tried again. Same thing. Finally, when I was done with my last assignment, I tried to the thousanth time and yes it STILL would not permit me to on.

    I screamed inside my computer "I'M DONE WITH MY HOMEWORK!!" It permit me to on.
    When I arrived at my second class in the school day, the lights were off within the room, the threshold was shut, and individuals were standing outside the door expecting the teacher to demonstrate up and unlock it. I ran up and shouted "Alohomora!" and proceeded to open the entranceway (Apparently, no one had actually tried the handle; they simply assumed it absolutely was locked).
    I am expecting my Hogwarts letter any day.
    A couple years back in senior high school (I'm graduated now), I wore my Perry the Platypus face shirt. My english class was down the hall from your mental ed classes, so I always walked past those students. One day one of them became available and yelled "CURSE YOU PERRY THE PLATYPUS!!!!" Since I can perform Perry's growl, I growled at him with his fantastic face just lit up.
    Feels great to be seen someone's day like this.
    Today, I read a post having said that “Today, YouTube took Rebecca Black's Friday off with the website...the finally found their senses. Three cheers for YouTube!! TLIA.” I chose to check if it was really true and (it turned out) I couldn't obtain the music video, but the first choice would have been a video about how the video disappeared. The top voted comment? "Let's hope all Biebers songs are next" They belong here
    Today, while working a robotics summer camp for 12-15 year olds we had arrived talking regarding the robots they will be working with all of week. When a child in the back exclaims "will they have got laser beams for eyes?!?!" When we informed him they didnt he got really sad. Later he asked what sort of engineer would be able to design that on the robot. We should all be afraid for when he visits college. H(is)LIA
    It was late into the evening and my mom was in her room, I needed to inquire about her something and so i was standing in her own doorway, when all of the sudden i saw my older brothers reflection inside window, he was about to use to scare me, so I whipped around and shouted "RAWR!
    !!!" and the man screamed extremely loudly (as being a girl) and wet himself, I'm 16 and he's 18, I haven't been more embarassed to be related to him...
    Today, on the school bus, I heard the 2 girls sitting behind me talking trash. I heard on say "I believe guy facing us (actually, she called me by name) hides dead bodies in their closet." A tad offended, I turned around and looked her within the eye and said "No, that is what basements are for.
    " then looked on the other one and licked my lips. I have never witnessed someone vacate a seat so quickly.
    A day or two ago my mom was surving out soft ice cream to my little brothers. I came to the kitchen saying, "Mom, can I have some ice cream, please?" My eight year old brother viewed me. "Why, are you currently gonna eat it?" I reply sarcastically, "No, I'm likely to swim in it." His eyes widen and the man says seriously, "You better get more frozen goodies, then." Obviously, she has yet to comprehend sarcasim. HisLIA
    I were built with a geography ensure that you I think I did pretty much but just incase I drew a ninja saying who's protects my test from any red pen. What did my teacher do when she collected it...laughed and said this isn't how you draw a ninja then proceeded to draw in one however when she lifted her hand there was nothing there and said thats a ninja because you can't find it.
    She's the strictest teacher inside the school.
    Today, I read the tale, "at the the band competition I was at, it absolutely was extremely cold outside. I was wearing my knit Pikachu hat with ears, pokeballs for the ends of the tassels, everything. I was standing in line to acquire some food, along with a random guy I couldn't know came up in my experience and threw a plastic pokeball at me, and after that walked away.
    ." I'm proud to state that the 'random guy' was my colleague Aaron. HisLIA.
    The other day, me and my buddy needed glitter for our english project, so another teacher was kind enough to allow us to borrow some. When I attended return it to her, I accidentally got some on her hands. She viewed me horrified and said, "OH NO YOU GOT SOME ON ME!
    Do you realize what you have done!? Glitter will be the Herpes of art supplies. This is NEVER going away. Thanks. Thanks a whole lot." Best teacher ever. .
    i read an in spite of this "I searched "narwhals are" into both Google and Yahoo. Yahoo autofinished with "narwhals are true" while Google autofinished with "narwhals are the jedi from the sea." I couldn't agree more, Google. G(oogle's)LIA" well the quote narwhals would be the jedi of the sea is from the narwhal SONG on youtube which refers to narwhals because the inventors with the shish kebob. Google, you happen to be amazing.
    within my school, because it absolutely was the principal's birthday, he let every person bring 1 Nerf gun to varsity so we could use a huge fight inside gym. The next day, inside the morning, I was holding a huge one in my arms while I was waiting on the bus stop. When the bus came, I noticed several Nerf barrels sticking beyond the windows. To my surprise, when I got about the bus, everyone, including riding on the bus driver, stood a gun.
    Once four of my girlfriends and I were expecting a concert to start. One of my pals who was a man looked on the program and proceeded to tell certainly one of us how another guy who was simply playing that night cheated on him in 3rd grade. We all did a double take and my other friend asked, "Wait, everyone were dating?
    !" He looked confused for a second and after that told us that the guy had cheated on him in chess. Made my day.
    I remembered that whenever I was in senior high school I visited the theatre with the other students in Citadel Club (Theatre Club) to observe 'Pride & Prejudice'. During the kiss scene between Elizabeth and Darcy the complete audience was completely silent. Which made some little kid's exclamation of "Eeeeeeeew!
    !!!" all the louder. It was amusing to watch the actors struggle to never burst out laughing in addition to the audience.
    The other day I was at the mall about 10 of my pals. One of my friends was really sad, so she went and sat right within the middle with the mall about the floor. Then we hear someone shouting and that we look behind us. What do we see? A man in a bunny suit hopping from about 5 security gaurds. Needless to state my sad friend was cheered up when she got images with the bunny man, even when he what food was in handcuffs...
    Last year my school started an AP French class to the first year. All but three of the school's books were new but I got one which was preowned nevertheless pretty good condition. Inside all of the important info was highlighted. The highlighting was all of that kept me from failing the category, so I wrote within the front of the book, in French, "Property from the Half-Blood Prince.
    " I hope whoever gets the book next appreciates it.
    Today, I got really bored because my boyfriend hadn't woken up yet, so I chose to change all in the contacts in my phone to Harry Potter characters. After one hour of doing so, I forgot what I had done. About twenty minutes later, I recieved a message from Sirius Black. It has never been this fun to recieve text messages from my boyfriend. Hopefully later, I have a text from Peter Pettigrew about going towards the mall. .
    Today, I visited Buffalo Wild Wings with a few friends. We walked over to the jukebox and proceeded to wear "The Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats. As the song came on, while i was dancing, an employee comes as much as us in a very serious tone and asks who place the song on. My friend steps in the front and says that he made it happen. The employee immeadeatly holds up his hand and gives my good friend a Hi-5. New favorite resteraunt? I think so.
    During the week of Halloween at my college in Ohio, I was walking across campus to my English class. On the way there I heard strange noises and looked up. On the lawn amongst our academic buildings were a couple, one dressed being a giant ghost, and the other dressed being a giant pacman. The ghost was chasing the pacman whilst yelling "wee-o-weee-o-weee.

    " The pacman was running away and yelling "om nom nom nom." Obviously, .
    My mom and sisters spent 72 hours straight putting together a one thousand piece cupcake puzzle. When it absolutely was all said and done, one piece was missing. They left it on our kitchen table until, 72 hours later, there was to put it away therefore we could eat dinner. After dinner I went to the fridge to grab a glass of orange juice. The puzzle piece was hidden beneath the orange juice during my refrigerator. You win this round oranges. OLAA
    Yesterday I had homework in Social Studies. I had no clue what any from the questions meant, so I drew a seal, and below the seal, wrote: Due to Global Warming, this seal has chose to reside on my own homework. Sorry for almost any inconveniences. Today, I got an A about the paper. Below the A that my teacher wrote, she said: I feel bad for your seal, however, you used a Vocab Word, so I'll present you with credit. This is currently my 2nd favorite teacher.
    Last month within my best friends birthday celebration we went for a walk around 11 at night on the convienience around the corner to have some smores' supplies and on the way back we started singing "Firework" by Katy Perry. We sang the queue "'Cause baby you might be a firework!" and off in the distance you may hear someone sing back "Come on, show 'em what you are worth" we continued singing forwards and backwards until we got back to her house..
    I work at a summer camp. Several weeksago there was our only number of high schoolers. On the 1st morning, one of my friends, a fellow counselor, pulls a hs boy up to me and demands the kid remove his hat. Once removed, I see that he has shaved his head, except for an arrow shaped strip, which she has dyed blue. I attemptedto call him Aang, but my co-worker just shook his head and whispered he was hiding from the Fire Nation.
    a woman on public transit asked me what my shirt said, as she couldn't read part of computer due to my purse strap covering it. I moved my purse and showed her the monster holding a plate of cookies and also the writing "come towards the dark side - we've got cookies". My friend looked at my shirt, noting it for the first some time to exclaimed "hey! I have the identical shirt, but mine says muffins as opposed to cookies!". We're both in our twenties.
    my Best friend came over. While i had been making fried potatoes, he informed me he got a fresh phone and needed my number. So, naturally, i grabbed a pen to write down my number, then a piece of paper. I wrote my number about the paper and handed it to him. Little did I know i wrote my number with a potato slice not paper.
    Needless to state, my friend burst out laughing, and I just stood there confused for ten mins not knowing what was wrong.
    in English class, I was messing around with my friend for the laptops, instead of working. We chose to search "Avengers" on Google Images. A picture popped up in the actors who literally Avengers pointing to the camera using the caption, "You must be studying." Instinctively, I yelled, "SHUT UP, THOR, YOU'RE NOT MY REAL DAD!" Our English teacher just checked out us and shook her head.
    I think she's utilized to this form of stuff.
    Yesterday, a random guy walking by mocked me for studying instead of going out to your party. Today, after finishing my test early due to yesterday evening's study session, I found a fellow student within the parking lot stuck in a snow bank. I busted out my tire chains and ice scrapers and helped him get his car out of the snow.
    I bet you'll be able to guess who it turned out being. Needless to express he is currently sufficiently embarrassed with his earlier behavior.
    Today, my good friend's mom was dropping me off at home. On the way there I kept thinking to myself "Man, I should really start writing a journal." When we reached my house my pal's mom turned to me and pointed at something I hadn't noticed, in the seat next to me, and said "Do you desire that?" It turned out to become an unused journal.
    I accepted the journal so when I went inside my house I saw the title from the journal. "Unexpected Miracles". .
    Several in the past, my grandmother gave my sisters and I each a jumbo box of crayons. A day or two ago, I made a decision to pull them out again to produce a get-well-soon card for my good friend. I wasn't sure which box was mine so I just grabbed one randomly. However, I found out it turned out mine that I picked several minutes later. Why? Cuz around the back where it said "This box belongs too_______" I wrote "NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS" I was a real cool kid. MLWasAndIA
    I read a post nevertheless: "in class our biology teacher told us a tale about when she was younger. Apparently, a famous guy came to among her karate classes and that he asked for the volunteer to show him some of the moves that they learned. My teacher was picked, and had accidently kicked him inside balls. The famous guy was Chuck Norris. " I think we can all officially say not merely did your teacher escape death, but she actually is OFFICIALLY awesome
    I was with the mall with my buddies when some guy in a banana costume ran past us screaming "MY END IS NEAR RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY!!!" We were really condfused until another guy in the giant gorilla costume ran afer him screaming "NOOO MY SNACK GREW LEGS. COME BACK SNACK COME BAAAAAAAAAACK!!" Turns out the guys in the suits were my biology teacher and the hot son. I learnd that my teacher is the coolest person ever and I have a date along with his son. .
    I was talking to my buddy while looking for my cellphone. I spent about 20 mins looking when my sister came in and asked what I was looking for. I told her my phone but happened to be a weird look before she called me an idiot and left. My friend asked me what which was all about and I informed her. She laughed after which wished me luck finding my phone. About 5 minutes later, I passed by one in the mirrors in my house and saw my cell phone inside my hand...
    Today, Valentine's Day, I was feeling all lonely (like 99% from the population) realizing that I'm a weirdo and I would never have a date to Twirp (the girls-ask-boys dance at my school.) Then, away from the blue, certainly one of my guy friends texted me "Charimander is red, Squirtle is blue, If you were a pokemon, I'd choose YOU.
    " I replied, "Pikachu is yellow, and Gengar is purple, I'm no pokemon but... Wanna head to twirp(le)?" Guess who I'M gonna twirp with! <3
    Today, I was inside the car and pulled up to some stop light. I looked over with the car next to me and yes it was a big, muscly, and scary looking man driving a substantial, black truck. His lips were moving but I couldn't find out what he was saying. So, I rolled around the window only to find he was singing Call Me Maybe with the top of his lungs. When he drove off I looked with the back of his truck and saw he previously an "I love my chihuahua" sticker about the back of his truck.
    I just realized how awesome my physics teacher is. He features a boom box that plays classical music, a "booger box" that is what he calls the tissue box, and gullible literally written about the ceiling. He also has us call the toilet the groover, our lockers "Davey Jones," along with the drinking fountain the bubbler. He mumbles to himself, uses unknown words, and it has pictures of folks all around the room of folks disobeying the rules and we all know what not to accomplish. H(is)LIA
    me and my good friend decided to glue a fake mustache on my glitter lava lamp, and belt out "Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows". When my Dad walked in to provide me my clothes that have just come away from the dryer, he begun to dance/sing with us for around five minutes, then walked away from my room like nothing had happened. I'm fairly certain he forgot why he was there and/or just needed to much fun along with us to think; he forgot to provide me my clothes. M(and my Dad's)LIA
    Today, it had been Halloween. I would have been to lazy to travel trick-or-treating, so I manned the doorway. I had over a blue wig and was carrying my Harry Potter wand; I was dressed as Tonks. I opened the door to some large band of little kids, and yelled "AVADA KADAVRA!" very loudly. One little kid within the back throws up his bag of candy and sends it spilling out throughout our deck, then yells. "AHHH!!! YOU GOT ME!!!" I replenished and after that added some candy to his bag. This kid goes places.
    My dad is really a divorce lawyer and was required to hire a private investigator to check out the husband (he represented the wife). The husband got angry and hired their own private investigator to adhere to my family showing my dad how it felt. We got a letter in the mail with a list of places we've been, how long i was there, who we had been with, etc. I must be frightened, but rather, I'm happy that I'm important enough to have a very private investigator follow me around. I feel like a spy.
    Today, while at school I was reading a novel because I had finished my work. My teacher came up in my opinion and told me how concentrated I look while reading and I told him that whenever I read I usually zone out and tend to forget about everything. About half an hour or so later, I analyzed from my book and noticed my whole class had turned their desks around to face the opposite wall along with a different teacher was on the head from the room teaching the category sign language. I did not know what to do.
    I got in my final essay from my college English class. Most of the other students wrote their 8 page persuasive essays on such things as immigration laws or texting while driving. I wrote mine about why dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets would be the best weapon for ninjas when fighting pirates. I also included five hand drawn explanatory cartoons and used Chuck Norris being a source. Not only did I get a 96% but my professor wants to make use of my paper being an example to be with her future classes. Win! .
    in Study Hall my two friends (Ana and Lexi) and I unquestionably word game. Its the one were you pass around a whiteboard every add a word. We spent the complete period with this sentence: "My dinosaur ninjas have eaten ALL tacos under da sea because my fellow -ers needed our bubbles to type our AMAZING blanket and my unicorn flying cheese curds and DBPB letters to the president about us wanting mental institutional help with this ninja grapefruit." Period well spent? I think so..
    Today, I was meeting my boyfriend's family for the first time. While conversing with them, I found out that they ended up living in Australia with the same time as us- both our families are military. We went upstairs so he could show me his room, anf the husband showed me his greatest treasure from living there- a bottle having a message within it. I was almost terrified to see that that exact message and bottle was the one I had included almost 12 years back. He had picked it up in regards to a year later. OLAA
    Today, I was bored waiting for my mother at the gas station and started making silly faces. An employee who got off his shift walked past, saw me, and provided me with a head nod. Needless to state, I returned the favor and continued making funny faces. 5 minutes later, he walks up to my car window and says, "Young grasshopper, I see which you are bored. Your option is great inside's awesomeness and I hope to determine this again." He then ninja rolled time for his van and drove off like nothing happened.
    The other day my older brother called the home phone. It was the 1st time I talked to him since moved out. After I answered "hello" he said after a beat, "Holy crap, you sound the same as mom about the phone!". This happened soon after I hung with eldest sister who said exactly the same thing. Today, an old mentor of mine called and he or she said that they couldn't know if she was talking in my opinion or my mom. Guess who's pank calling their other brothers and sister now? This girl. I mean, this girl's mom. ;) .
    While working with the rec I was suprised by a very attractive girl who walked up to the counter and said she saw me watching her for the final hour and he or she would love to have coffee with me after I leave work. Turns out she just got away from her yoga class who's room has a big glass window and is through the hall from my station. Truthfully, I has not been paying attention for the class in any way, I've been browsing for the very last hour, even though sitting with the computer I face the yoga room. Thank you boredom!
    I see this post: "I read an story about a female who learns Harry Potter music when she studies because it makes her seem like Hermione. I made a decision to try it since I have to write down a 10 pg. paper tonight. Not only was I super focused on my own homework but I felt epic. I'm a 22 year old college student. Thanks to the tip Hermione girl. " Thank you, the two of you. I finished three research papers a single day thanks to this method. I got an A on all three of them. I am an 18-year-old attending college. Hermiones unite!
    So today, about fifteen minutes ago, I was doing my math that's due next monday. I have 1 lesson, 1 test, and 1 final left! So ever since the other day Ive been doing math nonstop so I figured I'd carry on . Well my teacher didn't find it as being a good thing until I showed him I was learning math on here. I gotta adore you average people who put math on here. So now my teacher told everyone inside class that .com is a very good website and that we should go on there more often. Best teacher from the year? I think yes! OLAA
    in school during class, my colleague was talking to a guy that I have never really spoken to. We all talked for a while until he said "ok, lets start business" meaning we ought to get back to function. Me being the weirdo that we are, immediately broke to the song from Mulan. After spending the rest with the lesson singing a three part version of I'll Make a Man Out of You, he took me aside and informed me how disappointed he have been when he discovered who's hadn't been part of the Disney greatest hits album.
    I realized how odd my school would seem to an outsider. When you walk on the hall don't be surprised to see a boy on a unicycle, girls skipping, some guy spinning a basketball, kids playing life size air hockey with hover discs, a segway roaming,. My math teacher uses movie quotes to instruct, my physics teacher worked for NASA, my principal even told the robotics team he wanted these phones build Clyons for security. Oh high's me, I reach carry around my giant kickboard like a hall pass. My School is Average
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